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maryod Posts: 1
Hi i'm getting married next januray and i'm starting the wedding dress hunt. I'm after spotting as la sposa/pronovias dress has anyone got one or thinking of getting one, as them seem very detailed????? They vary in price alot, I saw it for 60% of the price on the internet, do you think this is a genuine la sposa/pronovias as it's a risk getting it on the internet? or not??
x_x Posts: 1823
My dress is a La Sposa! I love it, it just felt so light when I put it on and I felt like a princess....I am well ahead of myself I know with this (check out my ticker) but I jus knew that it was the one for me! I would be wary about buying my dress over the net - always would be. Mines not due in until October anyway, no rush as I certainly have plenty of time! Which style are you looking at?
ciarat Posts: 89
hi my dress is la sposa - margarita. i love it. they are detailed dresses but they are very easy to wear. i tried on lots of pronovias and san patrick dresses as well and just loved all their styles. prices vary - i ended up getting the most expensive dress i tried on but that's typical for me. there was a big range of prices with them - some were a lot more reasonable than others, it really depended on the dress. i ordered mine from a bridal shop. i have trouble getting books delivered from amazon, never mind trusting my wedding dress to the internet :o0 but that's just me. i would have worried too much. have fun shopping - almost wish i could start it all again just to be trying dresses on
chefmaid Posts: 2426
i have a la sposa dress and i cant wait for it to come in so i can try it on again.. I fell in love with it the moment i put it on :o)ll
sept_bride08 Posts: 220
I bought a pronovias dress! Just love the style and detail on them, all very elegant! Should be in around June for me....cant wait :o)ll :o)ll
Faireez Posts: 973
I have Pronovias :o)ll :o)ll Love it Love it Love it. It will be here in June. I got mine in Protocal Bridal in Drogheda. Wasn't too dear at all. I got it for €1265. Was expecting to pay double for it. It's just so detailed and so light to wear. Some of the other dresses I tried on left me in a sweat literally. They were that heavy.
Smiles Posts: 27
I bought a La Sposa dress - they're all so gorgeous!!! I fitted it on in the bridal shop and got my size etc.. I rang RK Bridal and ordered it from them. It doesn't say that they do La Sposa on their website but if you ring them they'll order it for you. It arrived about a month ago and it's perfect!! Can't wait to wear it