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reynmc Posts: 74
Hi there, I was hoping to get advice on what are the absolute essentials I need to pack into my labour bag. I have my general hospital bag packed but want to bring a smaller one for when I'm in the labour room. Thanks
McMummy Posts: 1041
There are loads of posts on this so if you do a search you'll get loads of information. You just need the basics For the baby A nappy Hat Vest Babygro For you 2 button down nighties Socks Flip flops for the shower Water spray Face cloth Tens machine if you plan on using one Maternity ST's (but the hospital will give you these if you don't have them for the birth) Ipod For your partner A change of top Deodorant Snacks Something to read if you fall asleep. Don't be too surprised if they don't let you bring in a bag to the delivery suit I was in Holles St for DS and they took my delivery bag and locked it away before the birth but I managed fine.
Toblerone Posts: 2698 ... hp?t=39030 Check this out for ideas. :wv
smurf77 Posts: 2216
Lip salve !!! I needed it so badly
silíní Posts: 4219
DISTILLED WITCH HAZEL!!! A MUST for sprinkling on the maternity pads after the birth, REALLY soothing. I also added it to some warm water in a sports bottle and spritzed after peeing to reduce stinging - sorry if TMI but i've recommended it to loads of my friends and they found it fab too. Flip flops Breast pads Big black penney's knickers that you can throw out after The big green mat pads from chemists, WAY better than the mothercare ones.