Labour Bag - Im confused!

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yummum2010 Posts: 407
Hi everyone, Hope we are all felling good today! I started putting my stuff into my labour bag today and have drawn on advice from different lists and girls on WOL but Im still confused. I have all my shower stuff, towels and a change of nightdress for after my shower in my labour bag (aswell as the usual mat pads, tea tree oil, disposable knickers, face wipe) Is this correct or should they be in the "other" hospital bag for when I've already had babs and back at the ward? I suppose it depends on when you have your shower and where but just wondered what others were doing?! Just so confused and dont want to end up with a massive bag or worse still not have the right things!
Crostini Posts: 1105
they told us just to bring a small bag into the labour ward itself. with literally what you'll need for the birth. so little bag of clothes and nappy etc for babs, a nightdress and whatever else you need for yourself... they said to leave all the showergels and towels etc for you in the bigger bag. perhaps it depends on the hospital...
yummum2010 Posts: 407
Thanks firstforus. Will transfer all the shower stuff over! That does make more sense. My bags arent really very big so dont know how Im going to squeeze everything in!
sunshine. Posts: 1387
This is what i have for labour bag Labour Bag: (make sure it’s not too big) 1. Hospital file and notes 2. Birth plan if you have one 3. 2 Loose Nightdress 4. Socks Dressing Gown 5. Slippers 6. For baby: vest, babygro, nappy, hat, cardigan Comforts 7. Camera 8. Tens Machine 9. Hair bobbins 10. Brush Toothpaste & Toothbrush 11. Deodorant Evian Face Spray 12. Face wipes 13. Moisturiser 14. Tissues Lip Balm 15. Magazines & Music. 16. Notebook & Pen Food 1. Water 2. Fruit 3. Energy bars
greenandred Posts: 318
We were told for the Rotunda to put toiletries in the labour bag as you can have a shower there so I guess it depends on the hospital
MammyC Posts: 3621
When I went in I brought, Nightdress *1 slippers 1 pack of maternity pads Disposable undies Clothes for baby When i got to the labour ward they put a hospital gown on me, nightdress went on after dd was born. They used there own mat pads so I only needed one at the end with one pair of disposable undies. They just used the nappy for dd and she wasnt dressed until back in the ward so we could have lots of skin to skin contact. Didnt need anything else there. I had everything else in the big bag for the ward.