Labour Bag - White Dressing Gown & Slippers??

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NewGirl Posts: 1143
Is this the most stupid thing? I bought new white slippers & Dressing gown, would I be mad to even consider taking them in labour bag? Should I get dark ones or do I even need them?
charli Posts: 5994
well you will only put dressing gown on after the birth when you have changed into clean nighty and are going back to your room i had a white one and thats what i did anyway, had no gown on during labour - i would have been too hot for sure, same goes for slippers just slipped them on when heading back to the room :wv
Port Princess Posts: 1154
I'm not sure if this is what you're getting at but I had a pair of pale pink slippers when I had DS1 and about an hour after I had him there was still no beds on the ward and I was still in the delivery room and the nurse wanted me to go down and try and have a wee (sorry tmi) anyway as soon as I got out of the bed niagra falls of blood came out and well lets just say slippers were destroyed. Last time with DS2 and this time I've bought dark colours just incase. I did have v heavy bleeding after DS1 which i didn't have with ds2 so I would've been okay with DS2 but you just don't know. :wv
mummy bear Posts: 3824
i would have thought the darker the better..
Trish07 Posts: 506
If you have already bought them Id use them, its not as if you would wear blood soaked slippers if they were a darker colour!!! I barely used my dressing gown at all but I was induced and had an emergency section so was brought back to room in a bed
MotherNature Posts: 317
It doesn't matter what colour you wear when you're actually giving birth as it will be whipped off you afterwards, you'll be given a bed bath and then you can change into something else. You'll be thankfull for it too, you'll feel fresh and clean again. That's my own experience anyway. I wore a light pink nightly during the birth and then light coloured PJ top afterwards with just pants on till the following morning.
[email protected] Posts: 492
Play it safe and bring spares - i bled alot on day 1 &2 after DD and was glad to have spares. PS just a tip for labour, i was told to wear an old nighty, but bought a cheapy which wasn't something i would usually wear. It looked horrible and the number of people who were in and out to the labour room with me looking like a skank was so embarrassing. I wouldn't recommend to wear anything too good or pretty but do wear something that you like and feel reasonable comfortable in!!!
jellybaby Posts: 2316
If you've already bought it then use it - I don't think you'll use it that much anyway that you'll need to buy another one. I didn't use my dressing gown once in hospital as it was too hot - and DD was born in December :o0. I was so glad to get home out of the sweltering heat - I know it has to be warm for the babies, but my God, it was like a furnace in there!!!
Sphynx Posts: 6795
I would go for dark ones if you can and save your nice white stuff for when you get home. I got blood stains on everything I wore in hospital and was so glad I had one pair of black PJs that didn't show them. Am sure your slippers will be fine but I always wore flip flops into the bathroom.