Labour in Waterford??

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niamh086 Posts: 119
Hi Ladies I have a question for ladies who have had babies in Waterford.Am due a week tomorrow and didnt do antenatal classes there.Just wondering if u can bring snacks,drinks etc for yourself during labour as our midwife who did our class at home said some hospitals dont allow them.
StellaBella Posts: 432
I had my baby in Ardkeen in January this year.My partner ate a ham salad roll in the delivery room with me.. he had bought it for me earlier but i wasnt allowed to have it and in all fairness i didnt want it... u probably wont want to snack to be honest but i would bring a few snack bars and drink for partner to keep them going and then if u do fancy something u will have something to hand. Best of luck u have such exciting times ahead!! Best feeling in the world
Daff Posts: 11644
I don't konw about waterford but in HS you can't. But I'll still have some sneaked in there. The most amazing moment I had after having DD was when we were back up in ward, she was sleeping and I sat back and had a bottle of Fanta and a Moro reading my book :o0 They gave me tea and biscuits after the birth in labour room and I puked everywhere after just one sip :hic
mrsbf08 Posts: 164
Hi niamh, im due my second baby on 8th july in wrh, i had snacks and stuff in my bag for the labour ward and they had no problem with it, to be honest i didnt eat them myself but was so handy for my husband as it was a long labour, we just brought lots of drinks, mars bars etc and the midwives are so fab they kept feeding my hubbie with tea and toast. Best of luck with everything, any other questions about wrh let me know :)
niamh086 Posts: 119
Thanks for all the tips ladies.I think I will bring bits and bobs down in a bag supposedly for hubby and I can rob them if I want!! love my baby I love the picture of sitting up in bed with your Moro and Fanta,classic.Keep your fingers crossed for me that we make it down as we live in Carlow :ooh Oh Mrsbfo8 my hubby loved the bit in your post about being fed tea and toast as he is absolutely terrified and that gave him a laugh so thanks for that
niamh086 Posts: 119
Sorry ladies one more question!!! When u arrive at the hospital in labour which way do u go in and where is the best place to park?? I know where the labour ward is as was down for a trace a few weeks ago when we had a scare.Question is do u go through the hospital itself or is there another more dignified route??Is there somewhere Hubby can abandon the car till Im settled??Thanks again :thnk
marb Posts: 44
Hey Niamh086, ye you go in through same door as accident and emergency and then up the lift. plenty of parking and space for him to pull up at the door if you are in a rush! good luck with everything.
mrsbf08 Posts: 164
as marb said above, if you get stuck all your hubbie has to do is tell security and give them the keys and they will park car for you...exciting times ahead :)