Labour pains - are they dull?

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Hi ladies, to those of you who are mothers already... what are labour pains like? I've heard them described as VERY bad period pains... so are they dull pains rather than sharp? I'm hoping to do without the Epi if I can, though am open to having it if I need it. I think that I can deal with dull pain better than sharp to just trying to get an idea....
mamadotie Posts: 884
To me it felt like a mix between period pains and wind pains early on, and then as it got closer to the birth, it felt like the same sensation you have during a bowel movement, only much much more intense. The only time it felt like PAIN pain was when I had to lie on my back for 20 minutes during a trace when I first arrived in hospital, and when baby's head was crowning.
mamadotie Posts: 884
Meant to say - with regards to having an epi or not - the only thing you can do is exactly what you said - go into it with an open mind. You don't know what will happen on the day. You might breeze through labour, or you might feel you need the epi - and any number of things could affect how you feel on the day. I think one of the main reasons I was able to cope (aside from Gentlebirth and acupressure, which were both brilliant) was that my labour was fast, and I had had loads of sleep in the 24 hours prior to going into labour, so I had plenty of energy to cope.
Daff Posts: 11644
everyone has different labour pains depending on how LO is lying and facing. For me (bog standard position for DD thankfully) they started off as very bad period pains that gradually turned into 'contractions' as in that they had a start, a peak and a fading stage. They were bloody sore too. Definately a sharp pain at the peak but a building dull pain coming and going. I second what MM said about the epi. I really didn't want it last time but I hadn't slept in over 48 hours and that mentally effected how I could cope wtih the pain. Also I was running otu of energy and knew the pushing stage would be hard. I definately had done too much in the lead up to the birth last time too and exhausted myself. I'd a relatively fast labour last time and this time should be qcuiker again so would like to try without the epi again. This time though I'm trying to take it easier (not possible with DD) and will be making sure I get as much sleep as possible between now and then so I'm well rested for the birth. I found it very hard to sleep in hospital so want to labour as long as I can at home.
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
Eh, no, I wouldn't say dull.. They start off that way and build and build to very very intense. I would say go in with an open mind and see how you are handling the pains in the early stages, if you find you aren't coping ask for some pain relief. Gas and air was my saviour as it was too late for an epidural. Im 11 wks preggers again and I won't be shy about saying what I want this time ;o)
Emme Posts: 4735
As we were told at an ante natal class the epi makes life easier for everyone....mine was bliss. The pain of contractions took me about a year to forget. I'd do the pushing bit with the epidural a million times over than the pain of an hour of contractions. A friend of mine told me they were like bad period pains and her name was muck in this house for about 12 hours of hell!
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
Thanks some kind of code that mothers have for mothers to be, I was told the same thing about 2 weeks before I had my daughter LOL I could have kicked the midwife when she told me it was too late for an epi, seeing as a few mins before she told me it would be hours yet and to stop being a drama queen. Biatch.