Labour pains, where?

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brunette Posts: 234
OK, I'm aware this is probably a really stupid question but here it goes..... where will the pain be? Will it be my bump, my sides , my back, my under carriage :-8 or does it move around? Obviously I know where the pain will be during the delivery stage. I suffered with horrendous period pains for years and I'm hoping it will be along similar lines. Am I been naive?
Delish Posts: 4176
For me, the start of labour up to around 2-3 cms dilated is very like intense period pains, after that the pains just keep getting more and more intense and kinda take over our whole body
sunnygirl Posts: 1876
i'm afraid i won't know i'm in labour!! i always hear stories about girls giong in for check ups and being in labour without them knowing. i think it's a fear of giving birth at home or something!!! thank god i'm only half an hour max from the hospital :o0
theoracle Posts: 7664
It depends on which way baby is lying and other factors. You can have period type pains, painful tightening of the bump on top or back labour, where all the pain seems to be in your lower back.