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samcro Posts: 738
I am thinking about getting a Tens Machine for the main purpose of avoiding getting an epidural. I have this really bad but weird phobia of my limbs going numb and not having control over my body (this will be great fun when the contractions start :o0 ) and of needles going into my back (am fecked if I have to get a c-section :weep ) and the closer I get to the 40 weeks the more I'm worrying about pain relief. I would love to be able to do this epi free but saying that I've no idea what these pains will be like and if I can handle them. So just wondering firstly about labour pains - where do most women feel them; in their back or their abdomen? I've read that the Tens machine is pretty useless for women who labour in the front but have no idea how true this is. Secondly, when wearing the tens machine and your finally admitted to the labour ward, how far along do you get to keep wearing the tens? Would you have to take it off at a certain point? Also can you use the gas & air with it? Apologies for all these questions but I'm trying to get my head about what's best for me
smallie2009 Posts: 55
Hi Samcro, I used a TENS machine when my daughter was born. I found it a great help-probably more of a distraction than anything but in a good way. I laboured into my back and wore the TENS up until the last hour or so. I could have worn it up until the end if I had wanted to but at that stage I felt like it wasn't doing much. The trick is to put it on when in early labour as it's supposed to help your body to release pain relieving hormones. I did this as soon as my contractions were regular. Had to take it off when I went into the shower (really helped in the early stages too) for pain relief but put it back on as soon as I came out. In total I had the machine on for about 7 hours and I managed without an epi and hope to do the same again this time. Oh and I used the gas and air with it no problem. In relation to the C-section, in the end my daughter was born by vacuum as her head was turned at an awkward angle. :duh: I was prepped for theatre because if the vacuum hadn't worked I would have ended up with an emergency c-section. They said because I hadn't got the epi and because it would have been an emergency section, I would have had to have been put under as it was too late to have an epi at that stage so I was thanking my lucky stars that the vacuum worked otherwise I would have been in dreamland when my gorgeous girl entered the world and my hubby wouldn't have been able to have been there. :eek Oh and another tip if you do get a TENS machine-get your hubby/partner to practice putting it on you-trust me you don't want to have to coach him through it while you're in labour!! :o0 Best of luck with everything, Smallie
Daff Posts: 11644
Ihad the same fears - in fact there was a medical history in the family that really worried me about the epidural and I was so scared I'd have to get one. By the time it came to it I was begging and didn't care in the slightest :o0 trust me, I didn't have a single worry apart from them hurrying up and sticking that needle in my back :o0 I used the Tens in the antenatal ward. I didn't find it great, but then it might have been worse iwthout it. I got the pains in lower back and lower bump. I don't think we had it on right and main pain in the ass was taking it off to shower - I wanted to live in the shower! You can still get air and gas with it and everything else you might need.
Dub gal Posts: 382
I found the tens fantastic on both my labours. On the first I used the tens for tge first few hours and managed grand. I had to get the epi cause my blood pressure went up but I reckon only for that I would have been grand with just the tens. On my second labour I managed with the tens and nothing else. Both my girls were lying op so both labours the pain was through my back so maybe that's the reason I found it so good. The tens I used was the one you can buy in mothercare. I was going to rent one but it was the same price to buy and I've used it twice and friends have also used it so I would recommend just buying it. You can take gas and air with it and I had it on till my Dd2 was born on dd1 I took it off before getting the epidural. If you have any other questions let me know.
samcro Posts: 738
Thanks girls for your replies.. For some reason I never got any notifications for this post ;o( I'm hoping to get a 2nd hand tens as they're quite expensive for only being used for a day at most.. I'm hoping that it works for me come the time :baby3: :baby3:
oddwire Posts: 842
[quote="samcro":1wjjct12] I'm hoping to get a 2nd hand tens as they're quite expensive for only being used for a day at most.. [/quote:1wjjct12] You can hire them from some chemists, and some hospitals have them (although not much use if you want to use them at home).
samcro Posts: 738
[quote="oddwire":3hgl41yf][quote="samcro":3hgl41yf] I'm hoping to get a 2nd hand tens as they're quite expensive for only being used for a day at most.. [/quote:3hgl41yf] You can hire them from some chemists, and some hospitals have them (although not much use if you want to use them at home).[/quote:3hgl41yf] I wouldn't like to hire them just in case something goes wrong with it or breaks :o0 knowing my luck!
Toblerone Posts: 2698
Have a look online or ebay and you might pick one up cheaply. I did. then I went and bought new pads and electrodes so basically was brand new. DOn't forget you may get to use it again if you have subsequent children. Or you could even buy new and sell on again. I agree with putting on early when you first realise you are in labour. It helps to build up the intensity of the tens. However, all my contractions were in my abdomen and the tens was pretty useless really apart from as a distraction. I did use it until 7cm when started using entonox. It's worth getting and having as you really don't know what way your body will respond to labour until you experience it.