labour to start soon?

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pie Posts: 61
Hi Girls, Just wondering for those who have been labour already- I had a sweep done yesterday, and consultant said i was about 1-1.5 cm dilated. This morning I had a bloody show - TMI (streaks of blood in muscus when i wiped), and just a while ago I had more ( seem like the muscus plug came away this time). I havent had any pains yet. I know its the million dollar question, but in ye're experince, just wondering is labour imminent? how soon after this should I expect labour to start?
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
Right I'm trying to rem....I had a small discharge about a week before I went into labour and then a much bigger show the morning I went into labour. It got steadly worse too the closer I got to the main event. Every woman is different but if I had to say either way, well then yes perhaps you are close :o)ll :o)ll
theoracle Posts: 7664
For me, on my second, the labour started hours after the bloody show, I was 2cm when I had the sweep, and had the show few hours later.