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lilmissy Posts: 117
Ok, well I'm trying to come to terms with the fact that I made the wrong decision with regard to my dress (it's a nice dress, beautiful fabric/embellishments but it's not 'me', not really special :o( ). I can't afford to look for another dress, so I'm trying to make the best of it, and it occured to me at the weekend that a lace bolero would really complement the dress and I think I'd actually be pretty happy with it if I could get one. So my question is this: has anyone any idea if you can order San Patrick boleros on their own? The dress isn't an SP but there are several boleros on their website that would suit it - but I've no idea if they can be ordered on their own though... Any ideas for shops that sell such boleros also appreciated :thnk
Quinn2Be Posts: 177
hey not sure, but I am having one specially made in anabel rose!!!
lilmissy Posts: 117
Hi quinn, do you think they'd make one if you hadn't bought your dress there?
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
Sorry to hear about your feelings on your dress. Maybe you might feel different when you are all done up with your hair and make-up, I am sure it will be lovely on you. I think there is a bit of pressure to get this euphoric rush when you find the right dress but we are all only human, I have tried on lots of dresses and while I found some beautiful dresses, I wouldn't say I was bowled over plus it's very difficult to make such a decision when you are emotional and over whelmed in the shop. Anyway, back to your predicament, I am not sure about ordering SP boleros through the website but I was browsing either RK bridal or gownsales for SP dresses recently and one of them stocked the dresses so maybe you could try there if the website fails. I think I saw some lace boleros in either Debenhams or Monsoon recently, but you might have to wait another week until the sales are over as a lot of the bridal stuff was probably put back in the stockroom.
lilmissy Posts: 117
Thanks lippy, will try debenhams and monsoon at the weekend :thnk I know the dress will still look lovely on the day, I suppose it's just not making me feel great - it's not as flattering as I remembered it to be and it just looks a bit ordinary. It's exactly like you say, you do feel a lot of pressure to get THE dress... I've been trying to keep the chin up but even H2B knows something is up - I'd love to tell him but it's the one thing I can't!
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
I am sure your H2B will think you are gorgeous no matter what kind of dress it is :xox
Quinn2Be Posts: 177
hi lilmissy yes I'm sure they would have no problem.... give them a buzz and see what they say :
garran9 Posts: 4401
I saw a beautiful bride last week and she had a fab lace bolero from Kathy de Staffortd! :wv
kittenheart Posts: 1488
Hi lilmissy, I'm having a lace bolero made for my dress The tops of my arms leave a lot to be desired and I have terrible bingo wings that no amount of exercise or firming creams is going to get rid of totally. I didn't want to ruin the dress by putting sleeves on it so the lady in the dress shop ordered some extra tulle and embellishments for the dress from the stockist and she's going to make a bolero to suit it and it's going to be fitted so that it acts as a support for my upper arms iykwim. Maybe the place you are getting your dress from could order some fabric to match your dress. Don't worry I'm sure you're dress is fabulous and you are going to look great. Here is a pic of my dress [img:3u3f6u5w][/img:3u3f6u5w] and this is the kind of lace bolero I want [img:3u3f6u5w][/img:3u3f6u5w] I wanted to get something that I could wear all day and not have to take off, I'm hoping that it will look great, I'm sure it will.
Enchantress Posts: 1509
If you really dont like your dress could you sell it and buy one from house of brides?? My friend got hers for (I think) less than €500....! You need to feel 100% like a princess on the day! I can send you through the link for hers if you want! Its fantastic!! Good luck, hope you are happy with the turnout whatever it may be :lvs