LACE VEIL ???? Where can I get one???????????//

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leo20 Posts: 309
Im looking for a Long Ivory Lace Veil - anyone know where I can get one??
mad woman Posts: 22106
can't you some one to make one for you?
leo20 Posts: 309
If i Could I would!!?? - I only have five weeks left and was wondering if anyone had spotted one while shopping.
Redsrbest Posts: 109
Hi there If my memory serves me right I think I saw a veil with lace around the edges in Fiona Todhunters shop in Tallaght. I remember my mum picking one out but as my dress has lace on it I felt it would be too much. I hope my memory is good and you don't have to trek for miles but give her a call beforehand to ask. Best of luck.
leo20 Posts: 309
Thanks - I'll give her a call.