Lactation Consultant?

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Perci Posts: 3847
Just wondering if any of you have been or thinking of going to a Lactation Consultant (or breastfeeding class) before the baby is born? I'm keeping an open mind about this and if myself or baby is finding it distressing then I'm not going to be a martyr. having said that I want to give it a good try and I'm wondering whether it's worthwhile seeing someone before hand?
Chicken Licken Posts: 873
Hi Augusta - there is a La Leche breastfeeding support group where I live that I am thinking of calling as they meet every wednesday morning and come round to meet you when you get home from hospital to see if you need any help. Here's a link to their website:
Perci Posts: 3847
Thanks for that CL. They're name came up at our antenatal class on Saturday and the midwife felt that although they're very good they can be a bit pushy. I'll have a look at their website though I came across this person that I was thinking of trying.
mrs sarah c Posts: 522
Hi there, I got a lady from out to the house and it really helped me get through a rough patch.I was also using formula and she was not judgemental at all about it.leche league would lynch you for using formula and soothers! I would really recommend going to the breastfeeding support group in the local health clinic after baby is born I found it really sociable and I got a childmender through going!We all still meet for lunch wed and Saturday.The public health nurses can be really encouraging as well.
pattie Posts: 2379
I was at a LLL meeting this morning for the first time and it was really helpful. The leader was lovely and had no problem with supplementing with the odd bottle of formula- her attitude was whatever works for the family. There were women there using soothers too. Maybe it depends on the personalities involved in the group. I'd say go along and see what you think. I got some useful tips and leaflets that will fit nicely in the hospital bag with all the basic info. The leader also gave a quick demo (with a doll & no bare boobs!) which was helpful and she said I can ring her if I'm having problems after the baby arrives. Plus I found out about other BF support groups in the area which I hadn't known about.
Chicken Licken Posts: 873
I think I will give them a call and see if I can go to one of their meetings just to see what they are like before babs arrives. Probably depends on the people in the group and how easy going they are..