Ladies with SPD- What did your doc recommend?

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cavanmum Posts: 211
Hi all, Doc has told me I have severe SPD. I am having trouble walking, going up stairs and turning over in bed. He has told me to walk as little as possible, avoid stairs and I have to use crutches! I am not allowed into work if I am on crutches! As you can see I have 10 weeks left in work. I think I would go mad at home for that long. O:| When I told the Doc I wouldn't be allowed work if I am on crutches he said that as long as I don't do any lab work and walk as little as possible that he won't insist on me using them in work. I am wondering if anyone elses Doc has put them on crutches for this or what else did they recommend? Have a hospital appointment Friday so hoping to get more info then. Thanks :thnk
bumble Posts: 1980
Did you try the belt? Basically it goes on really tight and pulls your pelvis together therefore less movement of pelvis. Are you seeing a physio? I am attending Milltown Physio and find them very good - there are three physios there that specialise in pregnancy pelvic pain (including spd). Sounds like you have it quite severe so you would prob need to be told what you need to do for positions for labour / birth etc.
LMR Posts: 1925
A lot of people swear by the support belts, though I haven't tried them. I went for physio. It took several sessions and I still have to do certain exercises but its made the world of difference. Six weeks ago I was in agony, could hardly drag myself around and was contemplating finishing up work early. Now I'm still reasonably mobile and whilst i have to be careful to find the balance between not doing too much and not doing too little and I can't sit in certain positions, I don't know myself from when it was really bad. My doc also prescribed magnesium but how much of a difference that made I don't know.
bumble Posts: 1980
Thought i'd post this link here too in case it might help you
Crostini Posts: 1105
I wrote a thread on this the other week with some advice i copied from teh information pack on SPD(PGP) i got from physio. you really need to be referred to a physio. or at least go privately. i visited my hospital and they sent me (free of charge to physio there.) i now have it for half an hour every week. they will give you excercises based on your situation and will give you support belt. like you i was having trouble walking and bed was excruciating. i'm now about 4 weeks into treatment and it has really improved. you may not need crutches once you start doing the excercises. here's the link to the other thread [url:2x028rtg][/url:2x028rtg]
originalwoowoo Posts: 867
Thanks for the link Bumble! I have an appointment for the physio next week as I am in a lot of pain by the end of every day. Its really frustrating not to be able to do what you want!
Mommytobe Posts: 13
Hi guys I also have severe SPD and am on crutches, with 11 weeks to go. My doc wants to sign me off now, and I do hope to finish in the next two weeks. I am allowed crutches in work, well noone has said anything to me yet anyway LOL. I find the belt useless as I can't wear it when I'm sitting. I am finding it a lot in my back at the moment, its so painful. I have physio once a week and the exercises are good, but the getting in and out of bed, partiularly as I think i'm peeing for Ireland, is not good. Roll on September. Mommytobe
Peaseblossom Posts: 6642
I am on crutches and found them great. Initially when I told one of the doctors on my team I had spd she said well what you going to do about it? Which I found bizarre luckily my gp had given me a letter for physio I went and got exercises which didnt work for me so I went on the crutches find them great and was lucky cause I could keep working on them. I went back to physio a couple of weeks ago for birth positions and found some i could use so am happy with that. I also bought a pillow to go between my knees which helped in bed and i keep my knees together when moving in bed. Hopefully after I give birth it will ease i know for some people it doesnt immediately but for my friend it did.
cavanmum Posts: 211
Thanks for all the advise :thnk My GP couldn't recommend a physio so I am hoping my consultant will Friday. I will make sure to ask him. I am based in Cavan and I don't know any physio's in the area. The crutches are helping and I am also sleeping with a pillow between my knees. I have ordered a support belt but I have been told it will be 5 weeks before it will be in! Hopefully I can also get one of these in the hospital. Thankfully DH is great and is doing all the housework. I just find it hard not being able to help. O:| Thanks again.
bam bam Posts: 1756
Hope4ababy, get onto your physio department in your maternity hospital and they will orgnaise a belt for you. Not sure where you are based but I know when I had it there was a waiting list for physio in holles street, I developed it at 24 weeks but never got as bad as needing crutches thank God, did get appointment for phsyio in hospital till I was 36 weeks but they recommended a private one to me which was good. The only thing I will say is if you can get into the hospital one, its much better as they visit you in hospital after having baby and follow up afterwards. I've had one appointment already and back again next week. I'd finish up work when you can. I thought I wouldn't want to be off work for up to 10 weeks before maternity but I ended up finishing at 35 weeks as I was just so worn out going to work. I was told by physio not to work full time either so doc put me on a three day week and I had a days break inbetween each working day which was fantastic! Hope you are doing ok.