Lady Gaga turns normal!

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Sodapop Posts: 3220
Wowzers - how good does she look when she's dressed like this!! Keep it going Gaga!
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
So much better than her usual wardrobe disasters, I'd even go as far as to say she looks pretty.
paperclips Posts: 3146
Such a transformation - I think she looks amazing compared to her usual getup!
Milly83 Posts: 3620
I have to say, I love her bold fashion statements. It gives designers a real chance to be really creative. I don't know how she walks in those heel-less shoes though! My goodness.
Sodapop Posts: 3220
yes she looks very pretty and with a great figure! You can actually see what she looks like a for a change!
Milly83 Posts: 3620
She is a very good looking woman and highly intelligent. I love her interviews.
Sodapop Posts: 3220
She is intelligent and very talented. Glad she's gone with this normal approach but how long will it last... People are shocked that it's her. I think she had overdone the "mad fashion" so now it's the normal fashion.
Bellisima Posts: 3583
[quote="Wibbly Wobbly Wonder":523ryugl]So much better than her usual wardrobe disasters, I'd even go as far as to say she looks pretty.[/quote:523ryugl] + 1 Million
streaks Posts: 3592
Why in the name of God would you go around dressed as a chop when you look that good! Nice to see her dressing normally for once!
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
I think most of the things she wears are costumes really and a deliberate portrayal of image. I don't think it's that she has no dress/fashion sense. She just dresses to be memorable and to shock - it's part of her persona. It's nice to see her in 'normal' things for a change though. Makes a change from dressing in raw meat anyway.