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peepbobride Posts: 370
Posting this here as i got no replies in 'Hen & Stag' :o( Hi girls, Going to Lahinch on my hen night in May. Dont know the town at all but have accomodation booked in the Lahinch Golf & Leisure Hotel. Would be really grateful for any suggestions on where to go for food and waht pubs are good fun. Thanks a million:thnk
Fallenout Posts: 147
oh my god you'll love it. myself and my h2b rented a house there for a week last summer. I'd say i put on a half stone with all the lovely food and drink there. God it lashed rain for the entire week but we had a great time surfing and going to the islands and that. The Red Cornerstone is a great bar/restaurant. Lovely seafood and burgers - classsy pub grub. Now that i think of it... I'd love to go there for my hen!!
ThinkingPositive Posts: 161
I love Lahinch too, I met my h2b there!! O' Looney's on the seafront is fab for food and the view is amazing. Vaughan's in Liscaanor (just up the road) is a fantastic seafood restaurant. as for bars Flannagan's is a great bar and has live music, Kenny's is also very good. Best of luck :wv you'll have a ball
peepbobride Posts: 370
thanks so much for your suggestions girls. We are hoping to book a restaurant this week so might go for O'Looneys. If anyone has any other feedback I'd be very grateful! :thnk
kerrylady Posts: 99
I was at a hen in Lahinch last year and I would have to second O'Looneys for grub and we spent the night in Kenny's. There was a live band and it was great craic. Pretty sure the nightclub was only across the road from it too and its very near where ye are staying cos we stayed in the hotel beside the golf hotel. You'll have a blast enjoy! *)
lil lola Posts: 64
Hiya Peepbobride We had my friends hen weekend in Lahinch 3 weeks ago and was brill. There were 11 of us and we went rock climbing on the saturday afternoon with Bens rock climbing school..different but great crack. He does surf classes too if you didnt like the idea of heights :eek (he has a web site) Went to Kenny's for food and headed to another pub up the road (forget the name but its next door to little shop) afterwards. All in all brill, brill..oh and it was raining and still had great wkend. Good luck with plans.... :wv
trice0208 Posts: 600
It's been a while but i was a local, there's (or at least was ) 2 nightclubs in the town, the claremont - stay well clear of this place it's a dive and coast which was pretty good. If you want to get out of town a bit the black oak on miltown road is good and an excellent place in miltown malbay is the bakehouse (the bakery across the road does the best chocolate eclairs ever-no exaggeration)