Lament of the Overweight Bride

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gerbil Posts: 3528
Lament of the Overwieght Bride The fridge is empty, the cooker stays cold the bread is stale and growing mould There's nary a biscuit nor a cake nor a sweet I can't have a single nice thing to eat:( Years of mistreating this temple of mine has made it a ruin instead of a shrine and now I am looking to walk down an aisle I would like to do it dressed in some style so now I have sworn off all food with fat but it'll take measures more drastic than that! I may try liposuction or wiring my jaw; Or eating nothing but green food, raw! I am so tired of lettuce and boring old rice cakes but hell i will do it, whatever it takes.,. I now have a picture of the dress on my screen it's the loveliest thing that I've ever seen and each time I'm tempted I pray and i moan "please don't put on yet another stone!" So far it's working, I really must say But then ... I'only started my diet today! Really, [b:17n1accn]HAVE[/b:17n1accn] to stop eating my own bodyweight in junk...H2B is back in a week so i'm starting properly today...I'm going to get into some kind of a routine before he's abck and ordering takeaways :o0 :o0
Mammypig Posts: 832
:o0 :o0 :o0 so true!
sarhar101 Posts: 381
Oh my God!! I'm going to print that off and stick it to my fridge!! Brilliant... :o0
goldie. Posts: 1233
Class! :o0
gerbil Posts: 3528
:-8 LOL glad you liked it :) and I was very good if only I can keep it up....