Landlord Qn - my letting agent are driving me crazy!!

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blondiechick Posts: 1641
I am a landlord and in early July my previous tenants vacated the property. I have had new tenants since the end of July. I immediately contacted my management company and requested that a service on the gas boiler be carried out prior to the new tenants moving in. This never happened and I have been hounding the management company since to do it. :eek Literally once every 2 weeks I have been on to them requesting them to confirm that it has been done and asking them to send me on the certification for same from the person who carried out the service. Initially they said that the new tenant (the present tenant) wished for the service to take place when he was there and that they would wait until he moved in to do it....even though I requested them to do it BEFORE he moved in. However, since then, they have said that they are having trouble getting access to the apartment to get the gas boiler service done. They keep saying things like "He doesn't understand us as he has very little English". :innocent: I have been on to the management company many, many times asking them to do this. My husband phoned them 2 weeks ago and told them that it is a health and safety issue and that it had better be done by the end of the week. Since then I have not heard a thing from the management company and I have emailed them this morning asking them (yet again) to confirm that it has been done and to please forward me certification for same. I am just wondering if, God forbid, something happens the tenant and something goes wrong with the gas boiler. I don’t want to be held responsible for something happening as a result of the gas boiler not being serviced. I am trying everything possible to get the boiler serviced. I live at the opposite end of the country to the apartment so I have the management company engaged for the last number of years to manage the property on my behalf. Please don’t tell me to ‘fire’ the management company. I don’t have the money at the moment to be changing management companies and this company has one of the best reputations (although I would wonder how this is possible given the current circumstances!) with regards to managing property. If something happened would I be able to show that I did everything reasonably practicably to get the boiler serviced and that the agency has been fobbing me off and not doing what I requested? Have they the right to tell the tenant that the boiler has to be done and he had better let them in? He has signed a lease and I am sure there is something there to say he must allow repairs as necessary to be carried out. Advice welcome please as I am worried about this. Thanks xx :thnk
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Can you arrange a service with Bord Gais directly? We rent and our management company get the boiler serviced with a smaller company but BG ring me at least once a year trying to sell me one of their services!
Emme Posts: 4735
Airtricity are doing a deal on servicing gas boilers at the moment and you don't have to be a customer. Think it's a third off. I'd do it directly if I were you, you need to have peace of mind but I get where you're coming from on contact. Could you write to the tennant? I know you probably don't have a name but even a letter to the address might suffice. I'd also stop the phonecalls to the management company and start emailing them daily so at least, God forbind, something goes wrong you have a record. And let them know why you;re leaving a paper trail and that they will be responsible. Also have you considered buying carbon monoxide alarms? I use a management company on de Northside and I know from your previous posts you're on the south but if you'd like their names I'd be happy to pass on, we're happy with them.
Sodapop Posts: 3220
Why dont you call the tenant about this - could be that the management company are not trying their best to get it done, seeing as though they didn't arrange for it when the place was empty with lots of time to do it. You could even post your tenant a letter to contact you (if you dont have number and want to asked agents)- for all you know his English isn't that bad and he is not even aware the boiler needs servicing.