Large wedding in Glenlo Abbey

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Mitch123 Posts: 6
Has anyone had a large wedding in Glenlo Abbey. I love the hotel & scenery but worried ball room is too small. Any advice appreciated.
mdonoghue2703 Posts: 44
Hi Mitch123, I'm getting married in Glenlo next April. The hotel and scenery are stunning, one of the reasons we chose it. I've never been to a wedding there myself but friends have and they've said its perfect. I don't think the room is small. I'd rather have it more intimate (obviously you don't want people on top of one another) but equally, you don't want a huge ball room which looks empty because its so large. How many are you hoping to have?
Mitch123 Posts: 6
Yes your right definitely don't want a half empty room. We are having 150/160 guests. It can accommodate 175 I think so hopefully that would be ok. How many guests are you having?
mdonoghue2703 Posts: 44
We're hoping to have 150/160 also, so I think it'll be perfect. I've been to a wedding before where the ballroom is too big for the numbers invited and it looks empty, so much space. It doesn't feel good.
Gbride15 Posts: 2
Ballroom will fit that size. It's plenty big. One thing to note - after the meal you have to leave the room for an hour and move to a different bar in a new area while they get the room ready for the band - this is a major negative and really takes away from the wedding having been to quite a few weddings there.
Lordles Posts: 1
Hi, Just wondering if either of you have had your wedding yet? I'm wanting to decide on a venue and we would like Glenlo, but I am also worried about the size. We would probably have 160 also. Can you let me know how you got on please? Was the dance floor big enough and did the room feel comfortable for everyone? Thanks very much :)
2016_bride Posts: 5
I was at a wedding here recently. The room fits 160 comfortably, I wouldn't put any more than that in there though. It is quite a narrow room so tables at the back by the bar don't have a good view of top table. The dancefloor seemed plenty big on the night. The price of drinks is pretty crazy...€7.80 for glass of wine!