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Doc Posts: 159
Hi, Can anyone recommend a clinic in Dublin that does laser hair removal (or any permanent hair removal)? I'm having electrolysis done at the moment but it's taking for ever for the area to heal after the treatment. I've decided it's time to try laser but would love your recommendations rather than picking someplace out of the phonebook! Thanks!
mrscoc Posts: 24
hi , i myself am considering laser hair removal i got a recommendation from another b2b for the body clinic in dublin at the mo there is a 70% discount offer and they do a free consultation check out their website at www.the and see what you think! good luck.
Jumbelina Posts: 98
I had it done in the blackrock laser clinic (blackrock village, over the chemist) and it was brilliant.
Doc Posts: 159
Thanks girls, I'll check them out.
DEC05BRIDE Posts: 10
Hi I tried every method of hair removal, from waxing to electrolysis and none of them worked properly. When i heard about the Aculight laser hair removal i was a bit skeptical but i gave it a go. Over the last 2 years i've had almost a dozen sessions and i am totally rid of any dark hair on my upper lip. My advice is DONT WAX. I know its more expensive, but the laser treatment is definitely the way to go if you want a permanent solution! I had my treatment done in Naas so i dont know of anywhere in Dublin that does it but i know Naas and Newbridge both have salons that do it. :P
Nikki 5.05 Posts: 15
Hi, L'Avenue on St Annes street is the best - have had it done on the bikini line - 5 sessions - 110 per sesh - no hair left! Its the best invention ever!
Miss X Posts: 1415
I get it done in the Ailesbury Clinic opposite the Merrion Shopping Centre. I'm hooked on it now, am hairfree in some areas and have moved on to others! What I found good was that they have two different laser machines and they find that a combination of the two gets the best results, there's a clinic in town that a girl I used to work with went to, she was going every month for nearly two years paying €180 a trip and had absolutely no improvement, she finially stopped going when they burned her face with the laser. I'll try and find out the name of the place, from memory it was somewhere around baggot street.
Jumbelina Posts: 98
Can anyone recommend somewhere in Cork?
MrsJuly2005 Posts: 246
i am seriously considering laser hair removal myself too, but am a bit scared to try it before the wedding in case anything goes wrong (like suz said - burning my face)...........can anyone tell me does it hurt??? i get regular waxing, but it leaves a lot of reb blotches and spots for about 5 days afterwards and i would prefer not to have my skin like that at the wedding............
pmcm24 Posts: 109
Nicky5.05, That is brilliant!!! Oh I'd definately consider that. With the lazer treatment what sort of time frame can you do the 5 or whatever sessions over? Like to you have to leave a few weeks apart, just wondering cause I would be interested in getting this done before honeymoon - 5 months! Thanks a mill :)