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architec Posts: 1306
...and then I'm off home to Ireland on Sunday [b:7ret4q12]to get married[/b:7ret4q12] next week! Please God (and the army of Children of Prague I've arranged at home) that the weather will hold out until the weekend.... I just want to say thanks for all the help and advice I've received here over the last 8 months - it really helped us out a lot, especially as we were planning the wedding from London and my mam was so sick throughout everything - you girls made it feasible,your input really speeded thigns up, and I thank you for that. As I'll be running around like a blue-arsed fly next week getting the final preparations ready, I don't think I'll be online very much, so it's a final farewell from me until the middle of September. :wv :wv
Mrs.July0408 Posts: 1842
:o)ll :o)ll Congrats, have a brill day!! The weather will def hold out, most children are back to school next week! :o0 :o)ll :o)ll
Lady loves chocolate Posts: 433
Hope you have a brilliant time. The weather is definitely on the up so fingers crossed for you. Enjoy ! O-O
BellaBee Posts: 2506
Best of luck, wishing you lots of sunshine [img:mp4k3zjs][/img:mp4k3zjs]
goldie. Posts: 1233
Have a fantasic day. Fingers crossed for the weather
mrs ants Posts: 813
Hope you both have a fantastic day :o)ll :o)ll
cheile Posts: 1202
:o)ll uuuuhhhhhh have a great day :o)ll I'm off as well. The weather should hold, fingers x
Lizzy1 Posts: 4128
Have a brill day :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll