Last Minute Holiday - any reasonable Websites?

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Cathy34 Posts: 1068
Hi girls, I will take the boys for a weeks holidays on the 18th ( that's the plan anyway ) I have been on www. but do you know any other websites which don't break the bank? I don't mind where to fly from really. I love Spain but really there only has to be a swimming pool and a beach close by.
StupidSexyFlanders Posts: 8402
Try . They are always sending us faxes in work, had some fantastic deals to Turkey last week :wv
the winner Posts: 4148
Hey If you pop an email to this address Nicola will send you any specials she has. Hope you get somewhere nice and soon .. Take care xx
macsmissus Posts: 928
Try and
pawpad Posts: 650
MissMuppet Posts: 2085
Hi Cathy :wv You could also try Bree :wv
Cathy34 Posts: 1068
thanks guys - still looking :o0
BiaBlasta Posts: 1002
Babyloco Posts: 964