late bfps??

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mrsp2010 Posts: 1461
my af is currently 10-12 days late goin by 28-30 day cycle we didnt chart ov, hubby still had a say in that and said i wasnt allowed to cos id stress even more! so we dtd rather alot to make up for it lol, so like i say goin on 2 weeks late and still bfn, tested the other morning with clearblue not havin symptoms really, boobs bit sore but only to touch, feeling sick this past few days more or less the whole day until around 4pm havin quite a bit of clear/creamy cm, dunno whether thats anythin to think about the other day we dtd and was a bit 'overexcited' lol and i had a bit of pink spotting afterwards which went away after a few wipes i am trying to relax and keep positive il ring docs if nothings happened by end of the week, tbh iv not rung as they will tell me the same as before....wait.....easy enough for a professional to say eh? but i had hormone profile done and came back clear last month, so im just taking it easy, maybe ovulated late, so af could be on its way anyday but i will see what happens wanting to know if any one else went through anything like this? did anyoone get a late bfp??
brideeee Posts: 1490
Hi ya I have heard of ppl getting late BFps -so hang on in there-I know it's hard. Try not to test for 3/4 days and see how you get on-as you say you might have ovulated late Best of luck and :babydust: xx b