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happy angel Posts: 928
did any of ye see it just now some lady won 2 tickets plus shopping spree think 5 grand pat rang and she siad she didnt want the tickets >:o( he ripped them up :ooh im gutted i would have loved em :lvs im sure she could have given them away she shouldnt have got d prize >:o)
Mama2Be Posts: 295
I dont believe it what an ungrateful cow!!! Why didnt Pat just phone the next person on the list, what a waste Glad I didnt see it, I would've been screaming at the t.v O:| O:| Some people >:o(
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
I just posted about this at the end of the late late thread. The bloody cheek of her!!!!!!!!! He should have told her that if she didnt want ALL of the prize he would give it to some one more grateful. Some people >:o(
happy angel Posts: 928
he really should have hung up and went to next person im so so so cross id be mortified if i knew d women d prize was huge
kingdom girl Posts: 955
once again it was a cringefest! that tool pat cannot handle any situation that is not scripted she was some dense eejit rejecting the ticket - from the show that just gave her €10k. i dont think she is right in the head.
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
I dont think it was up to Pat. You could see him stalling while they told him what to do. I bet there will be MURDER over it on Monday
Hen2B Posts: 450
I would have loved those tickets for me and my son :o( I've wanted to go the the Toy Show since I was a kid, when Gay was on the telly :o)ll
Twister Posts: 209
Everyone knows two kids who would love the tickets-or tell Pat to give them to Temple St or somewhere like that? What a bi-atch!!
Dairy Queen Posts: 3707
I didn't see it but that sounds really bad. Maybe she didn't want to go to late late as she was unhappy over the sluts performance.
mrstobe09 Posts: 875
It was awful, I only saw the last part of the show so missed the s.l.u.t.s., but when he rang she had the telly on in the background so she was still watching the show. Maybe there's a particular reason that she didn't want to go to the toy show. If not she's was just a b-itch, surely she would have know someone whom would have loved to go or at least give them to some charity. I've wanted to go the the Toy Show since I was a little kid.
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