Late period then clotting...

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newmummy2011 Posts: 45
Hi girls, could really b doin with some advice, i had mc 3 months ago, had some spottin on day my period was due then nothing for about a week, so i took a test and got a positive, then few days later i started bleeding, passing clots, cramping, went to hospital and got scan which showed baby was gone, we have now decided ro try again, my period was late (i am never late) but was afraid to tale a test too early after last time,but then i started bleedin for 1 day then everythin stopped for 3/4 days, now i am passing several fleshy clots and bleeding so heavy , i just know its happenin again, have any of u experienced this? Im so worried tht there is a problem and this is goin to keep happenin me,
Fx and tx Posts: 378
Hi newmummy Sorry to hear about your MC. I too suffered one last March, it was the same as yours spotting then clotting and then passed everything. My AF took 6 weeks to come back and when it did it was very heavy and had loads of clotting, I had done pregnancy tests and they were all negative so I knew this was my AF. I don't have advice on whether or not this is happening to you again as when I got pregnant this time the symptoms were completely differant but maybe you should take the test to ease your mind. Hope all works out :action32