laughter lines around the eyes...... help

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tulip09 Posts: 27
was looking at pictures that were taken recently and i was shocked at how deep my lines around my eyes were..... my mum said they are only laughter lines but they look like pain old fashion wrinkles 2 me. :eek :eek :eek ....... i'm only 28 so dont want 2 go down the road of botox already.... anybody got any special remedies.......... wot creams work and dont work?????? Thanks
blink Posts: 821
Just gone 28 and feel the same, worst was on my wedding day, but it was all the makeup, you need to first use a foundatio brush and apply upwards to smooth them, then you need to win the lotto, get a surgeon, and bring me with you, heck i'll have soom lipo too :o0 :o0 :o0 I cant get over my hands though, they look older!!!! :o(
katgirl Posts: 1258
hi just like to say the heavy make up on the day defo makes your lines more pronounced the make up settles into the creases and makes you look older so for day to day make up use as little as possible foundation around the eyes and you should be ok, im 32 and ive started to notice little lines around my eyes aswell i nearly had a heart attck!! but ive used a number of different eye creams its never to early to start the best ive found its clarins eye cream its really hydrating and doesnt sting as i have really sensitive eyes- hope this helps
trandy Posts: 114
hi ladies im the same last year was really stress ful, I was doing accountancy finals and could really start to see my eyes changing with all the sleepnees nights ! I got a good dermalogia eye cream but on nights out I use a gel it sort of freezes the eye and plumps out the creases, I got it at the RDS Wedding fair buts its cheaper online ! My mam has even ordered one for the big day. PM me if you want the details...
wells Posts: 91
Hi trandy, could you tell me the name of the eye cream gel and where to buy it online? It sounds great, thanks.
tinarea Posts: 47
hi trandy,could you please give me the name of that eye cream and where to get it.badly needed :eek
trandy Posts: 114
Hi Girlies, Sorry havent really logged on over the Xmas, Ill post details of the cream/gel later tonight when Im home from work. T.
betsy100 Posts: 53
trandy could you PM me too, sounds like it's great and I need it too! thanks
SUMO Posts: 543
trandy - could you pm me too please? thanks :wv
14082010 Posts: 2103
can you pm me also trandy O-O O-O