Laundry Room stockists

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excitedjuly12 Posts: 1722
Anyone know stockists for Laundry Room??
Mrs W Posts: 2923
Were they in Arnotts and dundrum? I think they went bust, the one in dundrum was all locked up full of stock and I definitely saw notice of a creditors meeting in the paper
Elban26 Posts: 2458
Found this on google. HTH!
excitedjuly12 Posts: 1722
Hi, Thanks for link, but I tried that number and its answering machine!
Mrs W Posts: 2923
[quote="Elban26":2efh26ug]Found this on google. HTH![/quote:2efh26ug] Thats from 2010 though, they only closed in Arnotts and Dundrum a few months ago
lovethesite Posts: 1054
Just wanted to bump this up!! Anyone know of stockists? I know they are in Ruby Rouge in Gorey so not gone bust, love the brand!!