lazer hair removal??

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snuggler Posts: 1296
Hi girls, anyone know pricee of this, looking to get under arm hair done only?? anyone recommend anywhere??
tizzy Posts: 168
im having a course at the moment with [url:mq5h18e1][/url:mq5h18e1] she has a salon in total fitness blanch - would recommend... 5 years ago i had bikini line done in harley medical off baggot street - brilliant, only getting a few stray hairs now - its never 1000% permanent but im talking 4 or 5 hairs ! aesthetica is much cheaper...
brightsparks Posts: 26
hi would you it work on facial hair i have some not alot but as one gets older will get worse would you recomend it would be afraid it might leave marks and is sore to get done
tizzy Posts: 168
im having upper lip and chin at the moment... on my 4th session, both areas have a clear improvement and im going to keep going until its gone - another 2 sessions should do it. no scarring and no real pain.. bikini was much more painful. They numb the area with an icepack first so that helps :) id recommend it as facial hair is such a pain - and its pretty common.