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mamabrod Posts: 830
Girls my boobs leak loads and have done since 18 weeks! :eek It is severe, huge amounts especially one of them, like last night for eg, I had to chanbge my top 3 times and it soaked bedsheets, right through to mattress cover and even to mattress :eek Is this a normal amount. I have breast pads but i cannot wear a bra to bed, i just cant sleep in a bra....it just seems an excessive amount, is anyone else the same?
CocoBeans Posts: 841
Sorry Broody, I can't help you as my mine haven't started leaking at all yet.
mamabrod Posts: 830
Thanks for reply anyway hun! O-O
ohsotired Posts: 7071
From what I've read it's probably your colostrum - can you wear a support vest to hold the breast pads in place or a sleeping bra??
candypants Posts: 8575
From personal experience, i leaked on 3 pregnancies, but nothing like what you are explaining, id def get that checked.
CocoBeans Posts: 841
Did it stop?
mamabrod Posts: 830
[quote="CocoBeans":3u0sov4u]Did it stop?[/quote:3u0sov4u] Hi CocoBeans, It calmed down for a few days but back with a vengence again! will mention at next appointment, its only from one boob as well which i think is a bit weird....
CocoBeans Posts: 841
That is a bit weird! Hopefully it's a sign that BF will come really easily to you, well from at least one boob :o0 I wonder when will mine start?
CestMoi Posts: 2162
Broodylicious I leaked a lot from around 16/17 weeks onwards. Only time it would stop is when I'd wear a bra - get the mothercare nursing bras they are like a half vest so not too restrictive. And put in breast pads. For me it would leak more on the side I was lying on because more pressure on that side. Nights I went without a bra I'd wake up with nightdress soaked and it would leak onto where I was lying on the bed. So just one patch from my left boob because that's that side I'd lie on. It's normal and just a bit of colostrum, nothing to worry about. Some people leak early and I was surprised by this but some people don't leak until near the end, or not at all.
mrs20122be Posts: 50
i leaked from early in pregnancy also, not as much as u though by sounds of it, say it to your midwife, maybe try a string top with an inside support to hold pads in place. i couldn't wear a bra to bed when pregnant either and 6 years on i still cant.