Leaking fluid?

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wollywoo Posts: 330
Hi all, TMI alert! I arrived into work yesterday and found my knickers were fairly wet with fluid but I'm not sure what to think. It didn't look or smell like urine but I'm not sure if it's just really wet discharge or if there's a possibility it could be a leak of amniotic fluid? Anyone ever experience this before? I'm just 22 weeks gone today so it's a bit of a worry. Thanks :thnk
mamajen Posts: 2263
I would ring the hospital or your midwife. There is a test they can do to see if it is amniotic fluid. Hopefully it's just urine or discharge!!
Emme Posts: 4735
It's frickin mortifing isn't it? Like there is no good answer...am I leaking fluid or am I weeing myself...difficult to know what to hope for!! Anyway, get it checked out, examination takes like 2 seconds but it's important to keep an eye on and it'll give you the kick up the ass thats needed sometimes to do your pelvic floor exercises!
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Sometimes I get quite a lot of discharge that could be mistaken for fluid! Give hospital a ring to be on the safeside & invest in good liners!!!
wollywoo Posts: 330
Thanks girls, really appreciate the replies. I think I'll give the hospital a buzz so just to be on the safe side. Haven't had anything since so hoping it's just a once off but would prefer to be safe rather than sorry. Thanks again! :wv
Penelopepitstop Posts: 66
Wollywoo, try not to worry till you've spoken to someone. That happened me my last pregnancy from about 27 weeks, it was just wee. It's very strange but obviously you can't prevent it. TMI but if you smell it if it's amniotic fluid it will smell like straw, it's a very distinctive smell. Hope that helps.
wollywoo Posts: 330
Thanks Penelope, I rang the hospital and am heading in for a scan in the morning although they reckon everything is fine anyway, but best just to have a look and make sure everything is ok.
FoxyLockz Posts: 2448
Hey wollywoo! Even before i got pregnant i knew i had weak bladder mucsles and i constantly felt wet all the time and it was urine....its absoloutly disgusting even pelvic floor exercises didnt help and now with the extra weight and the fact my bladder is being used as a punch bag i'm constantly leaking urine its soo embarassing. I cant wear a liner, i have to wear an actual santry towel but i fear all the time its fluid but with the odour you can definately tell the difference. I'm sure everything will be just fine tomorrow. They'll probably give you pelvic floor exercises to do....oh the joys ey??
wollywoo Posts: 330
Thanks FoxyLockz! The joys is right ;) Went to the hospital today anyway and doc checked me over and then did an internal and everything looks fine so panic over. I guess I'm just aware of every little thing these days and want to make sure babs is doing ok, but got a good strong heartbeat so that was very reassuring. :lvs
HomebirthHopeful Posts: 71
Good to hear all's well wollywoo! Maybe a bit TMI, but I've found discharge is more liquidy, esp in mornings so usually end up running to the loo to stop it running down my leg! :-8 I nearly had a panic the other week thought when I stood up and found my jeans were wet! Checked underwear and it wasn't wet, couldn't understand how crotch of my jeans could be wet but not my underwear. Turns out my dog (who I had forgotten was on my lap previously :duh: ) got overexcited when my husband mentioned the 'walkies' word!! Relief it wasn't my waters!!! :o0