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sinion Posts: 6050
what another joyful part of pregnancy! :o0 i've been having a few little lapses in bladder control but mainly only under pressure such as vomiting. The further on the pregnancy gets the worse it's getting (I'm still vomiting most mornings but now I have to put tissue between my legs while I vomit as I leak :-8 ). But now, it seems to be happening without me even being aware of it! I went to the toilet in work yesterday and noticed my knickers were wet and smelt really strongly of urine, I had no idea at all that i'd leaked! :ooh Please tell me it's normal!
whackywoman Posts: 1496
Hi pet Sorry to hear things are hard. Thankfully haven't had the vomiting thing but have been leaking bits of urine. I use panty liners all of the time and change them regularly as I am paranoid about smells down there. Tesco do fairly decent own brand ones, 30 for under €1 so not too hard on the pocket.
sinion Posts: 6050
thanks chick, at least i'm not alone I guess! Will have to go for the liners from now on as you really get paranoid, don't you?
Thinkerbell Posts: 187
Hi Sinion I'm the same when I'm vomiting, you muscles are prop weak cause of all the pressure. Are you doing pelvic floor excercises, they recommend you do it during pregnancy aswell. I'm really bad at remembering to do them but do a few when I do rememeber. :wv
sinion Posts: 6050
do you know I didn't think of that, I wonder if because I've been vomiting so regularly for so long that it's just been too much pressure on my bladder and such and it's weakened the muscles. hmm. And no I haven't been doing them, bold Sinion, slap on the hand for me. Really have to start!
mags s Posts: 591
sorry to revel in someone else's misery but so glad i saw this post !!!! i have noticed that sometimes when i sneeze or blow my nose ( which is blocked all the time now i am addicted to dairy ) i leak a bit...i though no one else would be like that cause they all have pelvic floor muscles of steel but i guess not....thanks girls! :wv
sinion Posts: 6050
nope, mine are like sponge apparently!
happycamper Posts: 186
sinion i'm with you on this. i've been wearing panty liners now for about a month. I've no control at all. If i go for a walk its either get to the toilet or else after about ten minutes. and when i do get to one its a thimble full :o0 :o0 Before i realised i needed to use panty liners when i sneezed i 'd have to go and change my underwear..... mad anyhow it'll be all worthwhile please god
flah Posts: 6
it gets worse as time goes on u actually leak from sneezing, cough the slightest movements boots are doing a special offer on panterliners at the moment i tink, but baby brain has set in!!!