Leave from Home or Hotel???

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chefmaid Posts: 2426
I am trying to make up my mind at the moment about where to leave from on the day. If i leave from home it would be an hr drive which i wouldnt mind but just wondering incase anything goes wrong should i leave from hotel.. I just cant make my mind up. O:| O:| O:|
Love Street Posts: 359
its really up to im lucky as the church is literely 3 mins away from the house but with an hour of driving id go from the hotel just in case :o)ll
Tic Toc Croc Posts: 3710
I would go with the closer option I think like the previous poster my home is only 3 minutes away from the church. My venue is 40 minutes away.
shala Posts: 1733
Yeah I'd go from the closer one!
marianf Posts: 5845
I am leaving from my parents house although it is 45 mins from the church. TBH one of the reasons I picked the venue was because I could still leave from the house. I think that there will be something very special about going from home. I feel that if I was in the hotel, I would be worrying about other guests getting to the church etc. It also means that nobody but my family will see me until I wake down the aisle. My h2b might very well leave from the hotel though. A lot of my neighbours wont be travelling to the wedding so it would be nice to be waved off by them on the day.
honeyec Posts: 969
I'm going from my mum's too. Church is only around the corner but hotel is about an hour and a half away. I don't care, though - it means an awful lot to me to go from my mum's to this particular church.
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
I'm going from Mammy and Daddys as they only live 2-3mins from the church, I agree with other posters though. I would go with the nearest option too. *)
Milly83 Posts: 3620
I am leaving from my parents house because it's only a few mins from the church. I couldn't imagine it any other way to be honest because it's where I grew up and all the neighbours will be commenting on everything that aren't going to the weding and I think it's lovely. But if you have an hour of a drive, I would be wary about it. you don't want to be sitting in the back of a car in your dress for that long!
Bree Van De Kamp Posts: 1275
I'm leaving from the hotel cause would have to go into town from my parents to get hair done anyway (there's only 3 of us so the call out charge to the hotel would cost more than the actual hairdos, and the hotel is only 5 mins from the hairdressers) and would be nice to stay in the hotel with BMs the night before and get manicures and pedicures. Mam was a bit put out at first, til she realised that now she doesn't have to do the usual rip the house apart and put it back together thing before the wedding if people aren't going to be there anyway. Plus my parents live out in the country, very few houses around so no neighbours coming to nose before I leave, none that won't be going to the wedding anyway.
chefmaid Posts: 2426
i dont know what to do now!! make-up person can go to either hotel or house at no extra charge and the person doing my hair is 5 mins from my mams...