Leaving a Job after 2 weeks

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LuvHeart Posts: 129
Hi Guys Im a bit ball over the place at the moment. Started a new job 2 weeks ago and I HATE it. It's a nightmare. Don't wanna go into all details but suffices to say I WON'T be staying. It's making me miserable and I'm stressed all the time. Myself and hubby have decided that I should just leave as no money is worth that (and the money isn't good!!!). What I'm just wondering is will I be penalised with Social Welfare for walking out of a job as opposed to losing my job???? Hope someone has a reply... Thanks
Daisy Row Posts: 3650
Really sorry to hear the job isn't going well. Social Welfare will specifically ask about losing the job versus resigning and it could delay payment.
Sassypants Posts: 4461
It's 9 weeks of no payment when you leave a job. Then normal payment after that. Sorry to hear you hate your job, life is too short to be doing something you hate every day.
Mrs W Posts: 2923
It depends on who you get in the sw office, OH left a terrible job and he just went in with his p45, they didn't ask anything and he was straight on it
IvytheTerrible Posts: 950
You probably will be asked why the employment ended. Could you say something like you were on a probationary period and you weren't suited? There are so many people signing on and off at the moment, SW might not ring the employer to verify. Are you sure you are giving the job a chance though? I started a new job four months ago and felt like leaving, still do but stubbornness gets the better of me :o0