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refchick Posts: 122
Hi Girls I dont know if im the only one like this but here goes...... im getting married in 7 weeks and i still live at home with my parents, im so excited about getting married and we are in the middle of decorating our new house together which we are loving. The thing is everytime i think about leaving home and my parents the waterworks start, my HTB is being very supportive but i dont think he understands he is so excited about leaving home.... I think its just a girl thing!!!!. Do any of you feel the same ? :-8
popple Posts: 1368
I can't say i know what that feels like cause i left home when i was 17 to go to college and haven't lived at home since, what i can say is that i think once you get used to it you'll love it... think of the positives... you'll be moving in with your husband... how exciting :o)ll :o)ll Will you be far from your parents? it you're not too far then you can always pop in to them to say hello.... I think its really sweet that you are feeling that way. I'm sure your parents will miss you too. Not much advise i know but chin up, you'll love it, gauranteed! :wv
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
Sorry I was away in a flat in Dublin for 4 years while in college and have been living with h2b for the 5 years since I left college and moved back home so I'm not in the same boat as you but just wanted to say, try to look at the fun and excitement of moving into your new home with h2b. *) Will you be far away from your parents, can you go visit often?
Huggles Posts: 1108
I can identify!! I was a real home bird but trust me, once you make the move you won't believe the freedom!!! :o)ll O-O
happyout Posts: 204
I am the same as that I moved away from home when I was 18 to go to college and have never really lived there full time since. I am also living with H2B for 4 years now and we have our house and everything. I sometimes think that it would be more exciting to do it the way you are doing it. You are both just begining your lives together. Where we have one day of fun then everything is back to normal. I think that it is really sweet. But you will love it when you get settled in and you will not want to go back!!
sept08bride2b Posts: 88
hey i just moved in with my h2b bout 2weeks ago...was so excited bout it...have been trying to get our house done for few years!but when i said bye to my parents the first nite we went out into the car and i started crying as we left! h2b was so understanding...i was so excited but felt sad for leaving my parents behind etc!im the happiest iv ever been though now even though were still living in a building site!!! :o0 believe me you will be so happy once ur moved! *)
refchick Posts: 122
Thanks so much girls, you are angels O:o) It will be difficult but i cant wait at the same time :o)ll xxx
MrsBlues Posts: 5170
Well, I moved in with my h2b 4 years ago, and I was sooo excited about getting my own place. The excitement really overtook everything else, and it wasn't until I had actually moved all my stuff out and was on the way to the new house that I realised the enormity of what I had just done! I got quite emotional and really felt like I hadn't said a proper goodbye to my parents (not like I'd never see them again but you know what i mean!) Anyway, it's emotional all round, good and bad, but we all have to leave the nest at some stage, however hard it might be. You will have a fantastic time in your new place, u just won't know yourself! :o)ll :o)ll
Sparky08 Posts: 9
my god i am the exact same. Still living at home and although i'm excited about our new house, i could cry just thinking about leaving my parents. i'm the last to go and my parents are pensioners now. i'm such a worrier anyway. i'll prob spend more time at home than i do now.
ANAIS21 Posts: 2401
:wv OMG i was just like you, b4 we moved into our new home.. I just couldn't see myself leaving my comfort zone, with the security of Mammy & Daddy.. Eventually plucked up the courage, moved out, it was really hard for a few days, but then i took to it like a duck to water.. Now i won't go back, even if they paid me.. The freedom and no-one asking what time will you home at etc ( I know they worry regardless, but it's worse when your living in their house) is just fantastic. Enjoy taking the plunge, you might just enjoy it and plus just say to yourself your Parents will always be there for you, they don't stop just cos you moved out.. Best of look xxx