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mum2be30 Posts: 31
Hi there, just wondering is anyone suffering from Pregnancy Leg Cramps?? I’m nearly 24 weeks gone and I have had 2 or 3 really bad lower leg cramps! This morning I got a really bad one, so I jumped out of bed to stand up and I fell over because my leg was dead! I was fine but I got a fright, has anyone else experienced this?? :o(
Perci Posts: 3847
I get them quite badly but I've learned to flex my foot at a right angle to my leg(as opposed to pointing toes) as soon as I feel the cramp coming on and it stops it in it's track. It's quite miraculous! Eating bananas, drinking water etc are supposed to help but did nothing for me.
mum2be30 Posts: 31
Oh right, thanks for the tipp Perci, ill try remember that next time O:o)
buttercupbabe Posts: 1224
oh my god, Ive started getting these! I got one last night. woke up at 3 am & shot up in the bed. it was so painful. I was almost in tears & had to wake DH to help me. even after leg stopped cramping he could feel knot/lump in my calf & it was so sore while he rubbed it out. Leg was still sore today walking around :o( would love to hear if anyone knows how to prevent these......
bridalnowmam Posts: 2202
yes i have them so bad, i find curling your toes helps and like an OP said if you are quick to move the leg to diff position then sometimes it can stop
mum2be30 Posts: 31
Oh they are just so painful...I got a really bad one a few weeks ago and i still have a pain in my leg after it!! My mother suffered from them & she said she used to wear her high heals in bed and this made it stop :o0 i dont fancy trying it! i dont think there is any cure.... :o(
Esketti Posts: 936
Every night I am getting these and every night SO FAR I have managed to jump up and stop it just before it goes into full spasm! Then I jump back into bed muttering I won you bi*ch! Hubby just rolls over "another leg cramp?" :o0 I HATE THEM! and I am determined to beat them and not let it go to full spasm! Between that and the restless leg syndrome every nite, I feel like chopping my legs off!