Leg Cramps at night...ouch!!

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angie27 Posts: 194
Hi Ladies, Are any of you suffering from leg cramps at night? I'm 21 weeks & the last few nights i'm being woken from my sleep with quite severe pains in my calves. I have a gp visit next week so ill mention it to the doc then. Just wondering if its normal in pregnancy or if theres any way of preventing them, as i've been frightening the life out of the hubbie as a result of them too:-0
Flower Girl Posts: 1645
They are normal, unfortunately, and really bloody painful. What I found helped was, as soon as you feel one coming on, stretch the calf muscle by pulling your toes up towards you - that should stop the cramp in its tracks.
katiebaby78 Posts: 679
Tonic water with quinine works. I suffered awful first pregnancy and when I felt them starting on second pregnancy I started drinking a little tonic water. Def works!
Miss Happiness Posts: 85
Having a banana a day helps.
galwaygirl2010 Posts: 2447
Also try stretching your legs for a few minutes before you go to bed - stand facing the wall about an arms length away, then bend your leg at the knee and ankle to stretch the lower leg. Very common in pregnancy unfortunetly - had my first one last week at 26weeks :weep
angie27 Posts: 194
Thanks for all the info ladies, some good advice there, will definitely give them all a go x
MrsBraxton Posts: 4662
I got awful leg cramps when I was pregnant. Also got restless legs which were a pain. I did pregnancy yoga and mentioned it to teacher and she told me to lie down and pump my feet - point them down and up good few times to get blood flow back to legs and feet and found if I did that before I went asleep def helped lessen cramps during night. Also did it when I got cramp and it worked to get rid of them
dea aveta Posts: 254
Mag phos salts ... Available from any Health food store. Magic stuff for leg cramps and totally safe to use .