Leg pains during pregnacy

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coolbride Posts: 63
Just wondering if anyone else's legs are at them. My left leg has been really irratated now for about 2 weeks - tight, tender, stinging and get tired quickly - asked the Doc about vercoise veins (sp!?) before and she said I only had spider veins and nothing really to worry about. I've been trying to go for walks every day and sleeping with them on a pillow but getting a bit fed up with it now. Can't really describe them as cramps though. Anyone else suffering??
Mrs Febbride Posts: 1234
A friend of mine suffered from this during pregnancy and Dr advised her to drink indian tonic water. Dont know if that is any help. :)
charli Posts: 5994
i had restless leg syndrome, not a nice thing!! is it worse at night? it used to keep me awake, never had it before or since my pregnancy and i read about it in one of my books.