Legal age of consent in Ireland 17 - should it be lowered??

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cherries on top Posts: 521
Just reading about a 19year old who has been jailed for 11mths for having sex with his girlf who is 16 and 3/4's. Her father brought it to the garda's attn. In his defense the 19year old said he thought the legal age was 16, which I think is a common mis-conception in Ireland as the UK is 16. I asked h2b last night and he too thought it was 16. Also most of the lads on my desk thought it was 16. I think it should be lowered to 16 (but not any lower than this). I think 17 is too old. Now I was a late starter myself and didn't do anything like this until I was 18 but I think at 16 you can make your own mind up. Some 16 year olds have an older head on their shoulders where some appear to be much younger. I thought this was very harsh for the young man. Its not as if he was an older man say over 30 who should have known better. He was similar age and it was obviously consensual. I personally feel the judge should have used his discretion in this case. He is going to be a criminal for the rest of his life after this which I think is v unfair. Any thoughts on this?
StupidSexyFlanders Posts: 8402
While I agree that this guy's case seems to have been unfair, I would be against lowering the age of consent below 17. I find the increasingly early sexualisation of children to be very distasteful and I think lowering the age of consent would give the wrong message entirely.
gone elsewhere Posts: 1780
I don't see the benefit in lowering it. I also don't see anything wrong with encouraging teenagers to wait a while before having sex.
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
Personally, I think that 17 is young enough to start having sex so I wouldn’t necessarily be in favour of lowering the age of consent. However, I do think that the laws need to be changed around prosecuting people of the same age who decide to have sex. If 2 16 year old have sex the boy can be charged with statutory rape where as the girl can not. I think that this is very unfair. We obviously need laws in place to protect our children from sexual predators but I feel that they need to be flexible enough to ensure that consenting teenagers who are the same (or roughly the same) age do not get criminally prosecuted for having sex.
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
no I dont think it should be lowered, I was under 17 having sex for the 1st time and even though Im still with DH I do think we were wayyyyy to young to be "doing it", was watching a programme recently and there was a girl who was just 15 being totally pressured into having sex because all her friends were and she was the only virgin in her group, I found the whole thing shocking :ooh :ooh :ooh , oh and to end it she did "give in" and do it :o( :o(
mrspants Posts: 4652
[quote="v excited b2b":zcw4iwyv]While I agree that this guy's case seems to have been unfair, I would be against lowering the age of consent below 17. I find the increasingly early sexualisation of children to be very distasteful and I think lowering the age of consent would give the wrong message entirely.[/quote:zcw4iwyv] + 1. What if the age was 16, would 15 then become acceptable and so on? Believe me, and this is from experience, the older a person is having sex the better. The potential outcome of sex is pregnancy - 16 is too young to cope with this. 17 is too, but at least that 1 year is something. I have been there and i am not in favour of lowering the age. More should be done for cases where both parties are same age - i agree with that. But an overall lowering - no.
aston Posts: 4100
Dont think the age should be lowered at all. What benefit would arise from lowering it???? While I agree that that 19year olds case is very very harsh and to get jail for 11 months and to have a criminal record is extremely unfair. But I dont know both sides of the story so I dont know why the father did report it to the guards. Think there must have been something else going on for this to go that far! I was a very late starter, I was 20 and it was with DH and am glad that it was with him. It would scare me if it was lowered. I think as another poster said would be lowered to 16.... then 15 etc etc. We have to protect our youth. I know underage sex is going on and was going on when I was in school etc but the legal age is there for a reason and I think that it should be respected.
Doll Face Posts: 3721
No i dont think it should be lowered its low enough already ...I think at 19 this guy should have known better but the case in my eyes was unfairly delt with the Garda and the Courts should have seen it for what it was. A young relationship !!
wifin Posts: 4761
I lost my virginity when I was just over 16 to a boy who was 19. I also thought that the age of consent at that time was 16. I didn't think that there was anything wrong with the age difference and my parents met him and were happy enough with the relationship. So I don't think it's fair that the suggestion is made that the 19 year old 'should have known better'? Most people would think that they were not breaking any laws. Just to say that I don't think that it should be lowered to 16 as it would, as the other posters have said, send out the wrong message. However, a more sensible attitude to the law needs to be applied so that this situation that the OP mentioned cannot happen.
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
I also agree that if my 16 year old daughter was going out with a 19 year old guy and me and DH were happy with him and happy with the relationship I wouldnt expect him to "should have known better" if they decided to have sex, and while id rather my daughter wait a while I wouldnt prosecute the guy for having sex with my her at 16.