Legal help needed for rental property

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workingmom Posts: 3429
If anyone knows someone I could contact (organisation) or similar, please let me know. Tenants have given notice last week, the agency is refusing to take it, and said it has to be a calendar month's notice... I've never heard of that before, a months notice is a months notice.... as far as I'm aware.
jamjars Posts: 1721
I've used Threshold before for advice- they're great! [url:1zto3rk3][/url:1zto3rk3] Or you can try ring the PRTB. Good luck
ohsotired Posts: 7071
bridenl Posts: 454
It really depends on whether that is written in the contract or not. Does it say one month calender notice? if it does then i'm afraid that's what you will have to give.
whoop Posts: 1310
If it is a fixed term tenancy the tenants are obliged to give one calender months notice, forfeit their deposits and may be chased for the remainder of the rent due to the end of the fixed tenancy If it's a fixed tenancy with a provision for early departure of the tenants than one months rent is sufficient and they can get deposit back If they have been paying per calender month than generally one calender months notice is required or can be requested in line with this. The tenancy agreement should expressly state what term of termination of notice is required.