Hi All, I am planning to get married in May 2019 in Dublin. We have been planning this for a while and were always planning to get legally married in Ireland - we are living in the states, I am American and he is Irish. Note: he is legal in the states. We have had a few changes in job circumstances and due to some potential future state legal issues, my fiance and I [b:3tpdlb6a]might [/b:3tpdlb6a]need to get legally married first in the states in the next few months. However, we still want to have our catholic wedding at the church in Ireland. Does anyone know if this is doable? Do we have to tell the church/government we are already married in the states? Is it just that we don't have to apply for a marriage license in Ireland? Is holding a church wedding up to the priest or individual church? any help would be greatly appreciate!