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mrsryan07 Posts: 274
Hey girls, was wondering if there are any other Leixlip Manor brides knocking about? We're having our wedding in July with them and I can't wait for the day to happen. Fingers crossed that we're having a lovely day. I'm so happy with Leslie and the team too, they're so helpful. Roll on July :)
lollypopwife Posts: 836
Yep yep yep!! Hello mrs2bejuly! :wv We aren't until next April (2013) but with the year to go mark coming along I can't help thinking it will fly in! But I'll happily chat along as you approach your big day! Wow, not long to go! :hyper: We are so happy with Leslie and the girls, especially Rachel too - they are so lovely! And Leslie has been so professional and efficient so far, I'm sure thats even more so as the day approaches! I can't wait for April to get back up there and see whats in bloom in the gardens at our time of year! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
dragonbride Posts: 447
we got married there last July and it was fab! Everyone loved it - perfect venue for a nice intimate wedding! Best of luck ladies!! :)
lollypopwife Posts: 836
Hi dragonbride! Thanks! :wv Any tips for brides to be up there? Anything on the menu we can't do without?!! Did you have many guests? I'm thinking we'll have 90-100. I'm going to go up in April to look around the garden and look for any photo spots that I mightn't notice when its a different time of year - anywhere you'd recommend for a great picture? When you get introduced into the room, which door do you come in through? We were thinking if we come in from the main door from the hall we'll only walk pass half our guests - we were wondering if we can come in at the door near the bottom of the room (from the conservatory). So excited and great to talk to brides who have the same venue! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
mrsryan07 Posts: 274
Oh, only one more Leixlip bride to be here. Dragonbride, I'm glad you had a great day there. It'll be hard to imagine having a bad day there to be honest. Everyone we have met there so far was lovely and the calendar was pretty much booked up for this summer when we were looking at dates last year. We didn't have a date in mind, so we just picked any of the 3 weekend dates that they still had available at that stage :eek We're probably going to have around 90 people as well. I think the drawing room is a perfect size for that. We'll also have our ceremony there, can't wait to see the room all set up for us...so excited! The victorian walled garden would be amazing for photos in the spring. You'll have all the flowers in bloom then, it'll be gorgeous! We haven't done the menu tasting yet. I suppose there's still time but I would rather have everything done and dusted instead of waiting around :o0 I'm a freak! Lollypopbride, the time will be flying! It seems like a long time away but suddenly it's the New Year and you're wondering where all the time has gone. When we booked the venue in October last year, we thought there's loads of time but now it's only 4 months away and I'm starting to freak out already, haha!
lollypopwife Posts: 836
Yep would appear to be only the two of us! Strange as you found it so hard to get a date and I popped up there at the weekend to show my BM the place and it was a hive of activity with one wedding checking out and the preparations underway for the next! So there are def other LM brides to be out there! Just not on here! I'll be all alone in just over 4 months! Does it really go that quickly? We booked it with a little bit more time than ye to go and now you've only 4 months...scary! I'm very excited though even to be hitting the year mark, can't wait for the big day! I'd say you are on cloud nine really! Who hoo! :o)ll Yeah I love the walled garden,would you believe I hadn't even seen it all before we decided on it - it was a lovely surprise when I next visited to double check our choice before we booked! Yep I'm hoping for 90 or so plus the bridal party so that'd be about 96-100. I think the room is perfect size too, so many bigger venues just felt like they'd eat up a crowd that size. I wonder when you do the menu tasting? Do let me know how you got on! Do you already sort of know what your going for or are you going to try a couple of dishes then and decide? Its hard to know given that I've never eaten there but I've heard such great things I'm not worried. Plus we had bits and pieces at the winter wedding fair and it was gorgeous - in fact I had just started my diet and totally blew it that night!! Nope you're not a freak at all! I've over a year to go and we've church, venue, church singer, band and videographer booked...thats wanting everything done and dusted for ya! We are starting to look for a photographer and we are really enjoying all the postive things photographers are saying about our venue choice! Leslie gets mentioned so much! That lady really makes an impression! :o0
bruidje2012 Posts: 1
Hi lollypop bride and mrstobejuly, I am another Leixlip Manor bride, also getting married there in July and very excited about it! We are going over tomorrow to discuss all the details for the day and the ceremony. Time will fly by now, only 4 months to go. We'll hopefully set a date tomorrow as well for the menu tasting, can't wait! We will be having between 80 and 90 guests for dinner and then another 25 for the evening do. It's such a beautiful and intimate place and I can't wait to see what it will look like in the spring and summer.
JennyWren132 Posts: 29
Hi there, Got engaged in February :lvs and we're checking out venues at the mo Myself and H2B went to see Leixlip Manor and we loved it but we're having possibly 120 guests and thought it might be a bit tight for space. Would love to hear from other brides with a similar number. I love the main room. It's so bright with the big windows. On the day we visited it though, the room was set up for 90 and I thought some of the place settings were very close together. I come from a very tall family and I'd hate for them to be sitting on top of each other! :wv
catswhiskers Posts: 11
Hi MrstobeJuly and Lollypop Bride... I am another LM bride, we are getting married on the 15th of June, not long now! We have our tasting booked for Friday the 13th (!) of April and I can't wait! The venue is just fabulous... I was such a picky bride when it came to the venue, in the end no where could compare to the beauty and value of LM :-) We are having around 90 guests I think, no band, just a dj, but we are getting the bar extension so the dj will be playing an extra long set! We are having our ceremony in Dublin City Hall first and have hired a bus to transport all our guests who may not want to drive. So excited... What are your plans??? I have most of my details in place now... Just on the hunt for a cupcake stand for a 10 inch top tier cake and 80 cupcakes. Where did you girls get your dresses?
swweetcheeks Posts: 271
Hi Girls.....we're Leixlip Manor too!!! Were getting married on the 03rd August next year. Have it booked since September. We booked early cos its a bank holiday weekend. Love everything about the venue. Especially the fact that its nice and small so OH cant invite all his numpty friends!!!!! Also very happy with the service from the team there. Have any of you been to any of the wedding open days there?