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marjones Posts: 17
Have googled to see but it doesn't appear to be coming up, wondering if anybody knows where they are stocked bridesmaid dresses..might buy on line on house of brides which i hear is very reliable
BrideAugust2013 Posts: 53
I've been looking lately and couldn't find anyone in Ireland. One supplier told me they don't stock them as they r very like dessy just more expensive.
little missi Posts: 116
Try calling Diamond bridal in cork. They may stock them. If not, go onto the dessy.com website and I know u can order them from there, but from what I've heard, they are pretty much the same as the actual dessy collection but a lot more expensive!
pineapples Posts: 76
Not sure where you're based but Bridal Heaven in Swords are supposed to stock them. I'm going there with my friend on Sat morning to look at them. I can let you know what the selection is like...
bondijunction Posts: 805
House of Brides dont sell Dessy anymore. RK Bridal do though.
2013lucky Posts: 76
Bridal heaven in Swords do stock a number of Lela Rose dresses. Originally went there with the idea of getting Lela Rose's for my BM's but actually ended up choosing a different designer - very similar dresses to Lela Rose but bit more affordable. In general would recommend Bridal Heaven for BM dresses - great selection.
nuttybride Posts: 594
Try Bridal Heaven in Swords of Maria B in Navan
marjones Posts: 17
Thanks everyone, am actually in Cork so don't know when i'd get to Dublin...Can I ask you which other designer is similiar to Lela Rose..really really love the dress......x
disorganisedbynature Posts: 78
Hey, I have ordered Lela Rose dresses from bridesmaids.com just before Christmas.
marjones Posts: 17
Oh very good will be interested to hear how you get on...just love them..when are you getting married?