Length of Church Ceremony

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annamay Posts: 53
I have been to countless Church weddings over the years but cannot remember how long they typically last? Any one have an idea of the average length of the ceremony inc signing of register? TIA
mrsmcc2502 Posts: 497
I would always estimate for 1 hr 45 mins from the time the mass starts until all the chat is done outside the chapel, have never been away any earlier!
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
I arrived on time for a 1pm mass, it was 50 minutes & think after register shaking hands etc guests were away about 2.15pm or maybe near 2.30pm. Once the bride is late it delays things so you might want to take that into account, the mass itself probably won't be that long. Altho if a big wedding in a catholic ceremony communion can take ages so that can lengthen it & if the celebrant is a ditherer they can be even longer!
annamay Posts: 53
Thanks for the replies ladies! Just trying to get my head around times on the day. And I would never keep himself and our guests waiting longer than 10 mins. We were kept waiting for a hour at one wedding which everyone (esp the groom) was not happy about. Set the whole day off on the wrong foot!
Tashab77 Posts: 129
I was around 10 mins late for a 1 o clock ceremony, we spent another 10 mins doing photos outside the church. The mass was about 40 mins long. With the receiving line and photos afterwards (we did a lot of our family photos in the church) we were out of there for around 2.45!
cond2b Posts: 58
Hi all, I think I may have a wee problem. I have my ceremony booked for 3 o clock. I wasn't planning on having communion during the wedding but my mum near had a fit when she found out so now I'm considering having communion only that will make the ceremony longer. It will take near enough an hour to get to the venue. Thing is, invitations are already printed but they were done by my future sister in law. I don't want to upset mum or put sil outbut I also don't want my guests to feel rushed or hassled. Advice please?
esla2016 Posts: 214
Last one I was at was due to start at 1pm. We were 30 mins late, so not sure how late the bride was. The recessional started at 230, followed by the receiving line. We were congratulating ourselves on our decision to go civil!
jenny7785 Posts: 158
my ceremony is starting at 12:30, i will be there at 12:25, doors open at 12:30 for me to walk in. priest said a hour for mass and signing the registry. no arsing about with a receiving line, out into the car park for some family photos and back in to the hotel by 3pm. if the brides on time, you can get it done in an hour
cond2b Posts: 58
Thanks jenny, I guess it was one of those little things I was stressing about unnecessarily. Just needed to hear someone else say they weren't gonna be arsing about either. That's why I went for the late ceremony anyway, I hate all the hanging around that's done at weddings.