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Car2010 Posts: 45
My wedding dress has a trail on the back and I bought a cathedral length veil which trails longer than my dress. Does this really matter or is it supposed to be the same length as the dress.
ems09 Posts: 318
I dont think it really matters but I have a cathederal length veil adn my shop ismaking it for me and cutting it the same shape of my dress >:o) But I have seen loads of photos on here and the veil is longer than the train and it looks so beautiful :lvs
Car2010 Posts: 45
Thanks ems09 i really like my veil so dont want to change it. Wow you only have 11 days to go...are you nervous...best of luck :wv
frankensteins wife Posts: 1838
It won't matter at all. I think it looks great. It definately doesn't have to match the length of your dress - go with what you will feel more comfortable with. I had a cathedral length veil also which was much longer than my dress and I loved it ! :-8 (if you want to see a pic of it, I have some pics up in my wedding report)
B2B09 Posts: 203
I was told the veil should be either longer than or shorter than my dress as there's detail on the end of the dress and want it to be visable through the veil. I think shorter/longer or same length are all lovely.