less than 4 months to go and no dress for bridemaids

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Bride27/08/10 Posts: 156
Hi all, I have left it up to my bridemaids to look for their own dress...i'm easy going with colour etc but there is now less than 4 months to go and still no dresses....my sis, one of the bridemaids, is more interested in getting a dress she'll wear again instead of concentrating on just getting a dress...as with everyone we are on a tight budget and am afraid now that we'll have to end up paying more than I would like just to get something....the wedding co-ordinator at the hotel has suggested a seller on ebay where she got hers....but I'm actually afraid to say to them now I'm taking it over now....is there anywhere you can go in and get dresses there and then...apart from the usual Coast etc,..my sister has been looking there... but now as it gets closer to wedding I'm afraid a guest may have the same dress.....i have been really relaxed about this but beginning to stress now... Any advice would be good...
teapotty Posts: 2085
I don't think they should be offended if you step in now and make the decisions for them- with only 4 months to go I reckon they've had long enough to come up with their own ideas. How many of them are there? Since you have a personal recommendation for an ebay seller/ dressmaker and you like their prices then I would just go with that- you'll be sure none of the guests have the same dress.
cooey Posts: 378
OMG i would be panicking but at the same time you still have time to get something. Your BM have had loads of time to find something and they havent. You have been really patient! Tell them that they have 2 weeks to find something otherwise you are getting the dress for them. Look they are taking the piss now! Its a stressful time. They will understand. During these next 2 weeks look up the internet for shops and dresses. And pick a few dresses you like and will think they will like.If they havent found something then bring them to those shops.
28-sept-10 Posts: 1832
you should go ahead and order them, like you say its probably to late to be looking in coast, as i know most people going to weddings shop there i ordered mine yesterday from gownsales and they will be with me on 6th of july i saved 580 buying my dresses with them
DollyMomma Posts: 1231
Maybe you could try Debenhams? To be honest at this stage you would be better off buying direct from a high street shop....I ordered my bridesmaids' dresses at the end of January and they're not going to be in the shop until the end of June.
whoop Posts: 1310
Set a deadline and a max amount per dress i.e ye have two weeks to sort dresses with a budget of €100 per dress otherwise I am getting them myself as this is unfair pressure on me at this time.You've given too much leverage for the dresses so nip it in the bud now.
mags82 Posts: 141
How about TK Maxx, Debenhams etc. Or else Littlewoods? Good luck xxx
Bride27/08/10 Posts: 156
Hi girls, Thanks for your advice and shop suggestions..i have passed them on....they are going shopping this weekend so we'll see what happens but have informed them in the nicest way possible that I am getting really anxious about this now... Thanks again
NightFall Posts: 16
I have 5 months left. I have no wedding dress, BM dress, suits, rings. In fact, all I have is my church, venue, band, photographer. Reading this I'm starting to panic!