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spark Posts: 278
Girls apparently as I am CofI and h2b is Catholic he has to write to the Archbishop 'to ask him can he marry me' honestly I am not messing its a joke but anyway has to be done O:| O:| girls do any of you have a standard letter that you could possible send me thanks so much
gerbil Posts: 3528
seriously? :eek that's.............different! I don't know what you're meant to write but I suspect his own parish priest could give him a form letter, maybe he could ask? best of luck!
deem Posts: 710
Strange, our parish priest contacted the bishop himself, It may be slightly more difficult for you as catholic church believes that children to a marriage will be raised in faith of mother, they just assume it. I would think you probably will need to decide what you plan to do in future, but I would imagine the best option is to discuss it with his parish priest, Are ye getting married in catholic or CofI church? if latter may cause PP not to be so helpful.
TokenMale Posts: 6845
Who said that you "have" to do this? Are you getting married in your own CoI church? Is your H2B especially religious? Basically, the CoI have no such requirements under normal circumstances, so I'm surprised at this.
spark Posts: 278
Thanks everyone for the replies we are getting married in my church which is CofI all my friends happened to marry Catholic men also and I know that they all had to get hubbies to write to Archbishop it is absolutely ridiculous I know TokenMale no my h2b is not particularly religious at all but my understanding is that it is not CofI who are insisiting on this but the Catholic church I just dont really understand it all cant get through to priest and minister away until next wk so will check with minister next week just thought someone here has been in the same position. Tks again everyone much appreciated
spark Posts: 278
Just got priest and yes this has to be done he has to write to the Archbishop crazy honestly!! O:|
/*/*/ Posts: 188
Same here Spark - my H2B just wrote to the Archbishop and now has to contact his priest to get the reply. I think the general idea behind it is so that your marriage is recognised by the Catholic church. Total pain but there you go!
Homebird Posts: 251
Hi Ya, We had to do this letter for the Bishop. If you Pm me your email address i will send you on a copy of the letter that we sent.
TokenMale Posts: 6845
The thing is, your H2B is under no obligation to do what the priest says, that's why I asked if he's particularly religious. For the most part, the CofI church will be happy to marry you without any "permission" required (unless the rector there has a particular view on this, but it's not a CofI requirement). I'm CofI, my B2B is RC, and we're getting married in a CofI church. B2B doesn't need to do anything, and we specifically asked about this. I've never heard of this in a CofI church before.
spark Posts: 278
Thanks for that info Tokenmale I think it is because we would like priest to partake in the service in the CofI church this needs to be done thanks again Augustbride I have pm'd you :xxx