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dragonbride Posts: 447
Hi, :wv I am just wondering if anyone can help me on this! I am Irish and h2b is not Irish. I am catholic and my h2b is not and so he doesn’t have a communion or confirmation certificate. We are having a catholic ceremony and im wondering what to do for the letters of freedom, does anyone know or has anyone been in this situation? Or who do I speak to about it? Am confused! ;o)
teapotty Posts: 2085
viewtopic.php?f=13&t=285486 Did you see this topic? I'm not really sure about all the legal and religious stuff as I haven't started it myself but maybe this solicitor thing is an option for you?
ElmosWife Posts: 348
You are supposed to get letters of freedom from every parish you have lived in for more than 6 months. As we've moved around a bit we're going to get sworn affidavits from a solicitor instead. Basically this is both of you swearing to a solicitor that as far as you know you havent been married in the Catholic Church again. We lived outside Ireland for a bit so would need to contact that parish aswell. In my opinion its a lot easier to get the affidavit. Many solicitors (but not all) will do the affidavit for free! If you want a sample layout of an affidavit just PM me. You could edit it for both you and H2B and just get solicitor to sign it. Hope this helps some bit.
corkgirl2010 Posts: 231
could you please pm me the affidavid id be delighted getting a little stressed now so I am!!
ElmosWife Posts: 348
Corkgirl2010, PM me your email address and I'll forward it to you no problem
DipDab Posts: 1172
I take it you are planning on a catholic ceremony? You should contact the priest who is marrying you regarding the paperwork, as far as I know its different if one of you is not Catholic. I think you may need to get special permission from the Bishop but it depends on your circumstances. Best thing is to talk to the priest about it. There is some info here: http://www.accord.ie/FAQs/