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Ros2013 Posts: 11
Oh where do I start. Excuse me while I rant. This going to take a while so strap yourselves in!!!! We are getting married in August of this year and booked with a hotel in Mayo in March of last year. We met with the wedding co-ordinator who was lovely to deal with and went through the brochure with us and explained although everything was individually priced all we had to do was email her with our requirements and she would draw up a package 'specific to us'. Also we were told that 'everything' was negotiable. We left thinking we had found the ideal location. The views from the hotel were breathtaking and as our wedding is in August I fell in love with the idea of photographs on the beach. We paid our deposit shortly afterwards and thought that was it. A few weeks later I emailed the co=ordinator and explained that as all our guests (which is going to be 300+ people) would have to travel and there was only 40 odd rooms in the hotel we wanted to see if they could be all reserved for our guests. I received a email back a couple of days later saying that was no problem and this would be done. I then sent her a details of what we wanted in our package for our 300+ guests and I received a email back from her where everything was exactly the same price as the brochure. I drew this too her attention and received another one back with some minor discounts taking into account the number of people who would be attending. With the amount of guests we had I was a little concerned about the function room as the max capacity was 320. But we were going to make it work as we loved the view from the room. The hotel were going to have to use long tables to fit that amount of people into the room. However the wedding co-ordinator informed me that she would be willing to send me photographs of the room set up with long table to put my mind at ease as i was afraid it was going to look like a school canteen with the long tables!!!! So the first wedding she had with big numbers she said she would take pics of the room for me. She gave me a date for this. This date came and went and i heard nothing from her. So i emailed her to see if I could get the pics sent to me. She told me that the numbers had fallen that day and they didn't use the long tables. Fair enough I thought. The next time I was promised them when i contacted her I was told she had forgotten and the third time she told me she had taken pics. I am still waiting to receive them! Now I dont want to sound like a psycho but when I was promised something so easy to do I thought there should not be any hassle. Especially when it had been her idea in the first place to send me the pics. As it turned out a friend of mine was actually at the wedding where the numbers supposedly fell. When I got chatting to him he informed me that they had used the long tables. Confusion reigned, I couldn't understand why she would have lied about something so trivial. I let it go and said nothing. We got over that, I used to keep an eye on their website out of curiosity to make sure the hotel rooms were not been offered for our wedding date. I checked the website in November only to find them up and available to book by anyone. So I contacted the hotel straight away, thinking it was a mistake and they would rectify it for me. I got talking to a manager. I was shocked at his attitude. He told me that under no circumstances would I have been told that the rooms were been kept for me. I explained I had an email from the co-ordinator stating they would be kept. He chose to ignore me. Been as this was there mistake I took it as a chance to try haggle with them. I asked if they could do the room for a more reasonable rate, that if people could not afford to stay in the hotel then they would not go to the wedding and therefore not spend money in their hotel. I had also known of a couple who had been married in the hotel in August and had got the hotel rooms at a cheaper rate than I was asking for. He told me he wasn't able to tell me there and then and would have to get back to me. Three days later he came back to me to tell me the couple I knew had not got the rooms at the rate I told him, they had gotten 5 rooms at the rate. I asked would I be able to get 5 rooms so at that rate. He told me No. He explained our date was in August which was a prime time. I explained the other wedding was in the same month and was on a bank holiday. He again chose to ignore me. At this stage I was close to tears. I began to also tell him i knew of another couple who had not been charged for corkage in the hotel yet I was getting told this was not possible and that we would have to pay the going rate. He explained to me that just because I knew of other couples who had gotten married there that I was not entitled to the same discounts. I asked him how he reckoned that. He said they could not survive if couples talked to each other and all began looking for the same deal. I again went back to the room rate and explained that at the rate he was giving me, which he agreed to come down €10 on and told me he was bending over backwards for me, We would have been better off paying a bus to bring the guests to a hotel in a another Mayo town nearby. He told me, quite smugly 'that whether your wedding is here or not we will sell out the rooms in this hotel, don't you worry'! At this point my blood pressure nearly went through the roof but I kept going. They were offering a 50% discount on the parents rooms so I asked if they would even be willing to offer them complimentary. To this he told me 'I was getting 50% off, what more do you want'? So at this stage I thought my world had ended. The hotel we were so happy with had taken our deposit and treated us like that. The only two things I had asked the hotel to do so far and they had managed to do neither for us. At this point I could no longer bare to be spoken to like this. I informed him that we would not be having our wedding there and explained how upset he had made me. His response was 'grand i will take you off the list. I sent them an email to cancel the wedding booking and to ask for our deposit back I received a email back from the head manager. In this email he apologized for our upset and the distress they had caused us but he stated he needed to address the points I raised. He basically told me I was a complete liar and that him and his staff had not at any stage lied to us. He stated they had not record of telling me that they would keep the rooms for me but if i had an email to the contrary to send it to him. At the end of it he informed us that if we still wanted our deposit back that they would return it. So the happy ending, thankfully is that we received the deposit back from them with a snotty email and hit for the Radisson Blu in Sligo. And there we met an Angel in the form of Denise. Since then we could not have received a different level of treatment. She has been amazing and now me and my hubby to be are actually looking forward to our big day. Hope I have not gone on to long but I just needed to get it off my chest. I have been threatening to do this since it happened cause maybe I over reacted but I hope no one else has to go through what we did.
Nostress Posts: 1606
I am really glad you had a happy ending.... but I urge everyone not to pay a deposit until they have negotiated the package
FrenchToast Posts: 433
OMg can't believe you were treated so badly by an establishment like that. What kind of way is that to treat a customer. To assure you even more we are also havign our wedding in the Radisson Blu Sligo and have nothing but compliments about them so far as well as Denise. Good Luck with everything now so I think you had a very lucky escape!
Ros2013 Posts: 11
Oh French toast I know now. The joy of hind sight!!! My father nearly killed me because he had been on to us to agree a price before we booked it!! Needless to say he is loving been right!!!! That is fantastic Nostress, from the minute we met her she has put our mind at ease and has been so efficient and helpful. Everything you would expect from a co-ordinator. I actually am looking forward to meeting her again to get our 'homework' as she calls it. The other place I was dreading having to contact as everything was a battle. But on wards and upwards!!!!
moanna Posts: 1081
U were very lucky to get deposit back. Good for u. I had the same experience with our hotel but when I asked for deposit back I was told no way. The wedding coordinator was a total bitch I was at my wits end but had to go ahead as we had paid deposit . I was so wound up I had to walk away from it for a couple of months and when I went back the witch was on mat leave and the girl that replaced her was brilliant. It all worked out great in the end but I Not sure how many weddings they wi have with the wedding coordinators attitude
dmcphotography Posts: 1365
Hi Ros2013 Sorry to hear about your bad experience an glad that you got sorted out in the end with a venue that you are very happy with. Just one word of advice to any other future couples who may have either larger or smaller numbers than what may be considered "the norm/ average", for their wedding. If you fall into the larger or smaller number category and would like to see the layout of the room for a similar number one thing you could consider if the venue cannot provide photographs is put up a post either here on feedback or on the Vendor and Supplier forum requesting photographs from photographers that have worked there in the past. Most professional photographers at a wedding take overall shots of the layout of the room before the guests enter it as well as detail shots of individual table settings and table favours etc. I think that most photographers would be happy to post photographs if requested, simply name the venue and the numbers you expect and ask for photographers who may have photographs to match your request to post them. I hope this may be helpful to some couples in the future. Thanks David [email protected]
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niamh63 Posts: 10
I totally understand how frustrated you feel OP. I totally fell for a hotel as well but it's not lived up to the first impressions unfortunately..... You can't possibly trust a hotel to deliver when things like that are happening. I am nervous about handing over a deposit to a hotel before everything is thrashed out. That's pretty hard to do when they only give you 2 weeks to pay the deposit and the wedding coordinator answers an average of 1 email per week >:o( I think I am changing my hotel. The wedding coordinator in the second placeseems much better and I have a relative working there so hopefully they will feel compelled to make it a good show!! Good Luck with the rest of teh planning.