LG Viewty KU990i

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pixiebell Posts: 739
Hi just wondering if anyone has this phone? thinking of changing but not to sure bout the touch screen and battery life... *)
Towniegirl Posts: 881
I don't have this phone but my dh has. He is absoutely delighted with it though it takes abit of getting used to the touch screen but the phone itself is fantastic so he says, he is like a child with a new toy. The camera in it is +1, I've seen pictures coming out in it and its better than my own digital camera which I paid a fortune for. The battery life is great too, dh charges it up and it stays charged up for up to a week. So I'd say go for it girl!
Rockys Lover Posts: 194
hi Pixiebell, I got one last week and am still getting used to it. It is pretty cool, but i find 2 small problems 1. hard to text with your thumbs - mine are too stubby for the touch screen and I make loads of mistakes - resorted to using a crayon as a stylus yesterday cos I had to send a load of text 2. I find it much slower to scroll through numbers etc think these are things I'll get used to though so go for it! oh yeah, I ended up printing a manual for it off the internet cos the one you get in the box is c%@p
short n sweet Posts: 1802
I don't have this one but I got the new Samsung touch screen which is similiar - OMG it'd driving me around the twist - I keep switching to Spanish or French when I'm texting by mistake and like Rockys Lover said its hard to find a number because it's so easy to scroll past the one you want!! Having said that the camera is fantastic - I have gone back to my old phone and using the touch screen one sim free as a camera - maybe it's just a matter of getting used to it but I didn't have the patience
pixiebell Posts: 739
hi girls, thanks for the replies.. One of my friends told me when she got her samsung at christmas the gave her 3 weeks ti try and if she couldn't work it she could change it....don't know how true this is but anyway...i love phone especially little small ones but they are getting bigger theses days :-8 its my b/day soon and i have been dropping hints to h2b so i'll have to keep fingers crossed or just treat myself :o)ll :o)ll
2crazy Posts: 1478
I've had this phone for a while now and find it brilliant, it does take some getting used to but now I would be lost without it. The camera on it is very good quality and the battery lasts ages.
Rockys Lover Posts: 194
my battery died this morning at work :o( & unfortunately nobody has a charger (always a Nokia charger lying around!) It has lasted since Sunday I think and probably would have lasted longer except I discovered the radio this morning - can't wait to get home to see how many calls/text I've missed (probably none :o0 )
pixiebell Posts: 739
thats the worst bout have different phone to the norn!!! we all need a little bit of love and missed calls and text help :yelrotflmaosmilie: :yelrotflmaosmilie:
tilsun Posts: 4506
I got this recently and do love it but am still having battles as it no longer comes with the stylus (little pen) which means you cannot write on the screen O:|