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ticking clock Posts: 20
Hi fairly new to this, havent been online in a while. I am doing exams at the moment....ACCA's, wedding is in september. Anyway had an exam last wed on I got a phonecall to say my poor granny was dying, had to rush down to her and she died thursday morning....i am just so sad about it, it was such a shock. She was really upset cos she knew she wouldnt be at my wedding, it was awful. I know it was an ease to her cos she was suffering but i just didnt think she would go so fast. got back home late sunday night and had to study for my last exam today, can't remember the last time I slept properly. Anyway exam was horrible and I am just so raging that i even bothered doing it and didnt spend more time with my family after the funeral. Have to go back to work tomorrow and I just feel like crying. Sorry this is so depressing!
Jean1 Posts: 145
Aw poor pet, didn't want to read and not reply. Sorry to hear about your gran, I lost mine who I was very close to a few years ago and it was devastating. I actually deferred my exams at the time but was sorry after when i had to resit them if that makes you feel any better about your decision. You sound really down in the dumps so try to relax and spend some time with your family who knew and loved her like you did. I still find it really helps to talk about her... thinking of you :thnk
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
Im so sorry to hear about your loss. I agree with jean1 spend time with your family and talk about her, it will help. Its very hard to get on with other things in life, dont worry exams can always be repeated so relax and hope you get some early nights. :thnk
gerbil Posts: 3528
I am so sorry to hear of your loss; sure you couldn;t win in that situation, you'd feel bad either way sitting or deferrign your exams. and it's so hard to decide at a time like that. Spend time with your family, you need a break!
lin007 Posts: 297
Ah im so sorry to hear that pet its so so hard when stuff like this happens don't be worried about the exam now anyway its over and you did it and im sure work wouldn't mind giving you a few days so you could maybe spend some time with your family im sure you wounldn't be up to much anyway. Hope you feel better soon and your gran is a peace now and is out of pain and will be with you every step of the way at your wedding.
ticking clock Posts: 20
hey guys, thanks a mil, ye really have cheered me up..... and you're right about the exams.....feck it they are done now what will be will be...there are defo more important things in life! anyway thanks again :thnk :thnk