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dubwoman Posts: 48
Any Liffey valley house brides past or present out there?
DecemberRose Posts: 43
Hi, I'm having my reception there in December. :o)ll
scoutf Posts: 667
Having mine there in July :)
curlyfreckles Posts: 71
Having mine there in October....are you all going to their Wedding Fair on Sunday?
DecemberRose Posts: 43
I'm still debating whether to go. I was out there recently so I've seen it since it was done up. I still have to book a band/ dj etc though & they said that they would have a band& DJ there on Sunday
boutoniere Posts: 38
Next month! :eek
curlyfreckles Posts: 71
Ooh boutoniere, next month. Do come back and let us all know how it goes. What package is everyone going for and are you adding anything extra/taking anything away?
boutoniere Posts: 38
I'd be more than happy to come back to let you know how we get on. We still have to do our menu tasting yet and then make decisions on courses! There's something on Sunday for those having their reception there if my memory serves me correctly.
Yonka Posts: 148
We've booked our wedding there for July next year so dying to hear how you get on boutoniere! I'm going to the thing they're having on Sunday as well, does anyone know what time it starts and what kind of suppliers they'll have?
draiocht Posts: 483
I got married there last june, the best day ever! It was perfect, the staff, food, and the hotel, everything went so smooth, leslie is fantastic, things could have been falling apart and i never would have known because she is soo good at what she does. We had a ceremony in the hotel and then the meal after, we had 115 guests, all fit in nicely, we had a 3 man band, and a dj after Some guests said it was the best wedding they ever attended, they couldnt believe we had the whole place to ourselves! some thought we had paid a fortune for it! Great choice girls, it is a hidden gem, i saw so many hotels and none had the lovely atmosphere this did. Any questions just ask